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Looking for funding for your business?

Connect to venture capital firms and angel investors and take your business to the next level. We put together a complete list of international investors and sponsors and prepared a FREE guide on how to get funded.

Venture capital financings come with a lot of benefits, but they are not easy to find or to get. The process can be so difficult that most of the entrepreneurs get discouraged and give up. This is where we step in.

We created a valuable database of international sponsors – VC firms, private investors, angel investors, lenders. This complete resource is making you research work much easier and get you matched to your perfect sponsor. You will be able to find sponsors from the geographical area you desire, the proper domain of activity and stage of your business.

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Here are 5 simple principles to take into consideration when you apply for venture capital funding:

  • 1. It is mandatory to have the business going, experience or relevant connections in order to apply. Otherwise, you will waste your time.
  • 2. A state of the art business plan considerably grows your chances to get funded. If it is not your strength, find an expert to write it for you.
  • 3. Your proposal needs to be very clear. Why do you need the money; how you will spend it; what’s the return of investment; benefits for the investor.
  • 4. Each sponsor is inclined to one or several industries. Before applying, make sure he is willing to invest in ideas or businesses like yours.
  • 5. Be practical about it. It is not enough to have a beautiful idea. You must prove that you idea or start-up business has a great potential for growth.

Once you have respected all these essential steps, start contacting sponsors. By subscribing below you get:

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  • Filters to refine your search and choose the best investor for you without pain

Going on the entrepreneurial path is not easy. But if you perseverant success WILL come. And it is SO rewarding. Stop procrastinating. Subscribe now and contact the right investor for your business.

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