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How To Put Any Competitor to the Ground and Get a Bigger Marketshare

Competition has its many benefits. Competition tells you there is a market. When you start a business you want competition because you know that there are customers who want and need your product. When your business is mature and you already have customers, competition makes you improve each day. It forces you to offer value and make your... read more »

Do you want even more branding and marketing secrets from successful entrepreneurs?

Do you want even more branding and marketing secrets from successful entrepreneurs? CLICK HERE This mode of changing the previous image is also called “rebranding”. You base the new marketing efforts on an old product, but you do change the logo... read more »

Creating a strong and recognizable brand

Your brand is the collection of signs, symbols, words and designs that create an image in the mind of the consumer or generate a feeling in regard with your service, product or company. The use of a strong brand is that it differentiates you from the competitors and it makes you easily recognizable by your customers and potential customers. The... read more »

How to Find Angel Investors

A statistic of the Center for Venture Research in New Hampshire says that 67,030 companies received angel funding in 2012. The angels invested more than $22,9 billion, which is a 1,8% increase over the prior year and that`s a lot of money. Who gave out this money? More than 250,000 individuals so there are obviously many angel investors out... read more »

Do you need to raise capital for your business?

CLICK HERE If you want to use this method here are some of the ways you can say thank you to your customers:
  1. Keep note of the birthdays of your customers and send mail gifts or cards
  2. Send cards... read more »

An Excellent Marketing Strategy Revealed

A few years ago, I took charge of a business with major problems in the collection process: many customers were not paying the bills at all and even more people who opened accounts paid the bill ten to sixty days late. What we have done in order to change the situation was to change a number of procedures. We introduced tighter credit controls... read more »

Want to grow your business faster?

Want to grow your business faster? CLICK HERE - Reverse assumptions. Because some things are done in a... read more »

Do you need an investor to make it big?

Download List of Business investors here: CLICK HERE Favour drive instead of ideas What makes an entrepreneur... read more »

The Endless Source of Good Business Ideas

You should not underestimate a great idea. Every business is based on one. Some of the best ideas are very simple ideas that nobody thought of or applied before. Some ideas are indeed revolutionary and we are amazed that someone could come up with something like that. You cannot get great ideas whenever you want. They do not come on command so... read more »

Important Tips from A Business Empire Builder

Here`s a challenge for you. We`ve discussed the importance of discipline and hard work. Prick three characteristics from the list and think about how you could apply them for the following week. Don`t stop there, apply them for a whole week. At the end of the week review you progress and keep applying them until they become second nature. Do this... read more »

How to build your business empire

Have you got what it takes to build a business empire? How do you assess yourself and your business? Can you turn your small startup in and international business empire? You may have the entrepreneurial spirit in you. This is something that you still need to discover, but you can be the one who will build the next international and... read more »

How To Find And Obtain Venture Capital Financing For Your Business

If you have a great business idea you need money to bring it to fruition. You have hope that your idea is viable, but you don't have any money to get your business up and running. You need to be able to raise a large chunk of capital to make the business a success. How do you get the money to start a new company? Your first idea may be to apply... read more »

How To Get A Venture Capital Firm To Provide The Financing Your Business Needs

Many people have the dream of starting their own business and achieve financial success. They have a great idea but don't have the startup capital needed to get things moving. Securing money for your business through the bank loan method can be a daunting endeavor. If you fall into this group and would like to get your business up and running... read more »

How You Can Get Venture Capital Financing For Your New Business

There are many sources of financing available to entrepreneurs, but obtaining the capital necessary to start a business venture or expand an existing business takes time and a great amount of work. If you have a great business idea but don't have the cash to put your plan into action, you may consider venture capital financing. This type of... read more »

How to Get All The Venture Capital Financing You’ll Ever Need

New businesses are often in need of capital to get their business started. Also many existing businesses that need to expand find it difficult to raise the needed cash for expansion. Venture capital financing is a proven source of funding for these cash-strapped businesses. Financing is typically provided to the business in return for a share in... read more »

How To Raise The Capital You Need Through Venture Capital Firms

If you don't mind exchanging equity in your company in return for funds to grow your business, then venture capital financing is right for you. Venture capitalists often want a high rate of return on their investment and will provide a significant amount of cash. Many business owners dream of the day that a venture capitalist would fund their... read more »

How To Secure Venture Capital Financing For Any Business

Business owners may need funding when running their business. Many businesses encounter many difficulties securing traditional business funding through bank loans. Unable to obtain traditional funding, business owners may seek alternative funding sources for obtaining business capital. That's where venture capitalists come to the... read more »

How to Get Business Financing Through A Venture Capital Firm

Many business owners encounter difficulties obtaining the cash they need for business startup or expansion. They often get frustrated with the strict criteria imposed by banks and other traditional financing sources. Unable to secure funding through these traditional options, they resort to alternative funding sources to help fund their project.... read more »

How To Raise Venture Capital Funds For Business Startup Or Expansion

Many entrepreneurs are faced with the challenging task of obtaining cash for business startup or expansion. Venture capital financing is a great way to raise needed funding for your project. The first part of this process is locating the right venture capitalist. This is not a simple task. There are thousands of venture capitalists in the United... read more »

How To Raise Business Startup Funds Through A Venture Capital Firm

If you're thinking about starting a new business and are looking for ways to raise startup capital, don't fret. It can be frustrating having a great idea and not been able to put it into action due to lack of cash. There are several ways to raise money to start a business, but it's not always an easy undertaking. One way to get the financing you... read more »

How To Successfully Get Venture Capital Financing

When it comes to raising startup capital for a new venture or obtaining funds to expand an existing business, there are several avenues to consider. One channel that you can look into for securing the funding you need is venture capital firms. Obtaining financing through a venture capitalist can help you grow and make your business successful.... read more »

What to Do When You Can’t Get Venture Capital Funding

So you have a great idea for a new start-up and your presentation always get a positive reaction, but nobody is willing to take the next step and commit to funding your new business. Venture capitalists might love your presentation and like you as a person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to invest in your business. If you are... read more »

Getting Angel Investors on Your Side

With the economic recession still in effect in many countries including the United States, money is hard to come by especially for fledging businesses. Banks, credit unions and other traditional financing institutions are imposing stricter lending requirements on applicants, thus, making it harder for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the... read more »

Mastering the Cold Contact – What to do when you lack connections

If you’re lucky enough to have referrals to go on, your fundraising efforts are greatly simplified. At times, however, you won’t have the social network or the connections that would put you in touch with the caliber of people you’re looking for. When that’s the case, you’ll have to resort to contacting investors... read more »

How To Successfully Get Financing Through A Venture Capitalist

Most entrepreneurs often have the need to raise cash for business startup or expansion. And this can be accomplished through any one of several sources. One source that helps businesses get needed funds is Venture capital financing. Venture capitalists look for opportunities to fund businesses that are likely to become lucrative over time. If... read more »

Eight Tips for Negotiating with Venture Capitalists

For many new entrepreneurs, negotiating with investors is the hardest part of officially securing funding. At the start of negotiations, it can seem like both of you are completely at odds about the future of your business and the role the investor will play in its development. Disagreement is a normal part of that stage. How you deal with it is... read more »

How To Raise Venture Capital For A Startup Business

There are few things more frustrating than having a great business idea, but not the fund to put it into action. One channel that can help you secure the funding you need is venture capital firms. Venture capitalist money can help your business to grow and succeed. However, you have to know how to obtain funding. Venture capitals do not just... read more »

How To Obtain Business Funding From Venture Capital Firms

Most start-up companies face the challenge of raising the needed cash for operating their business. There are several ways that you can look into if you need funding for your business. One channel that can help you obtain the financial backing you need is Venture capital financing. This type of financing is often made available to the new business... read more »

How to Raise Venture Capital For Your Business.

If you have a new business and are seeking funding from a venture capital firm, you typically have to look for it to get it. Often, all of the senior members of the venture capital firm have to agree to provide venture capital financing to you. Upon agreeing to invest in your business, venture capitalists have a vested interest in the success of... read more »

How to Get Venture Capitalist Money to Fund Your Business

Most start-up companies have the need to raise cash flow through some type of financial backing at some point in their early workings. One channel that helps new businesses get the funding they need is Venture capital financing. Financing might be made available to the new business in exchange for profits in the business or ownership of the... read more »

How to Convince Venture Capitalists to Invest in Your New Business

Professional venture capitalists are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities, but convincing them to invest in a new brilliant idea isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if you have a great idea for a new business, you need to back it up with a solid business plan and realistic financial projections. Your idea must be ambitious,... read more »

How to Raise Funds Through Venture Capitalists

It can be frustrating not having the capital you need to pursue a great idea. One way to raise the money to put your idea into action is through a venture capital firm. However, these firms do not just give out money to any entrepreneur that needs it. Venture capitalists provide start-up capital in exchange for share in profits or ownership in the... read more »

Gaining Venture Capitalist Funding Arduous but Worth the Effort

When the time comes where a minimum of $500,000 is required to take you new business venture to the next level, you will be in the market for either a bank loan or venture capitalist investors. In all likelihood, a VC investor will be your best bet on a new enterprise. Unlike a bank though, venture capitalists expect a piece of a company in return... read more »

Six Questions to Expect from Venture Capitalists

When you’re pitching venture capitalists, try to remember that they’re people too. They have unique personalities, and if you’re wise, you’ll cater your approach to your audience. You’ll get different questions, different opinions and different reactions from each individual or group you approach. On the other... read more »

Venture Capital, How to get started

There are many different new companies that are seeking venture capital. In these tough times, it is hard for small businesses to get started on the right foot. For those that are not familiar with what venture capital is, here is a brief explanation. There are a number of successful entrepreneurs out there that are willing to help others achieve... read more »

Tips for Contacting Angel Investors

Contacting angel investors for the first time in your life can be stressful and intimidating if you are unprepared and don’t know what to expect. The more you know about reaching out to angel investors, the more likely you are to get a positive response quickly. In addition to directly contacting individual angel investors and angel... read more »

Creating a Professional Business Plan that will Attract Investors

You will have to work hard in order to impress an investor and to get the funding for your new project. Drafting a highly professional, punctual and realistic business plan is the best way to demonstrate your idea’s potential. Business plan creation is easier said than done, especially if you are a newbie in a specific niche. Making it... read more »

Developing a List of Venture Capital Companies

The current economic climate means two things when you’re seeking funding for your company: you need to identify all your funding options; and you need to explore every option that’s viable. Some people in the know claim that knowing where to seek funding is every bit as important as how well your pitch your company. Developing... read more »

Raising Venture Capital in 5 Easy Steps

When seeking funds for a business from venture capitalists, it is important to know what is expected from you before making a pitch. Here are some steps to guide you to successfully securing that much needed finance. 1. Prepare the Material to Your Pitch The first step in getting ready for a pitch is knowing what to say, how to say... read more »

Choosing the Right Venture Capitalist Firm

Even in the same field of business, there are both subtle and distinct differences that separate one company from another. The same applies to the venture capitalist business. When trying to pin down the best firm for your needs, it is best to look at those that would be most interested in your kind of enterprise. Area of Expertise- When... read more »

How to Create Your Elevator Pitch For Venture Capitalists

If you know anything about business, you’ve probably heard investors, entrepreneurs and others talking about the importance of elevator pitches. As a business owner yourself, you should take notice. It’s important for you to be able to tell people about what your business is, what it does and why it’s going to be a success... read more »

10 Questions to Answer in Your VC Presentation

When you make a presentation for a venture capital firm, you’ll have 30 minutes at the very most, which means that your slideshow needs to be short and to the point. You’ll also need to answer questions – and you need to be prepared for this before, during and after your presentation. ==> read more »

How Angel Investors Differ From Venture Capitalists

Angel investors and venture capitalists are different in several ways. The four most significant differences are: the amount invested; the investor’s professionalism; the owner of the invested funds; and whether the investor becomes a member of the company’s Board of Directors. ==> read more »

Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

It might be a cliche of a cliche but there is assuredly a reason why you will hear successful investors and entrepreneurs discussing ‘elevator pitches“ and their vital importance. The are important because you, the business owner, need to immediately be able to concisely and speedily communicate what your business entails and why it... read more »

How to Develop Your Elevator Pitch

Everybody has heard tales concerning the "Elevator Pitch"; that advantageous, brief chance where a business owner has a prospect’s full attention to explain their project. Unlikely as it seems to be, the flourishing capitalist has to be ready portray a strong case for their idea; usually this chance expires in as little as one to two... read more »

What Angel Investors Are Looking For In A Startup

If you’re looking for angel investors to pump capital into a new business, perhaps the best way to start is to think like an investor. If you were looking for a startup to invest in, what would you look for in an investment? At least for most investors, the two most important qualities are the management team and the strength of the market.... read more »

They did it. Can you?!

These companies: Myriant Technologies, CleanTech Innovations, Monster Offers and Sulfurcell raised over $100 million. The Quincy based company Myriant Technologies raised $60 million from the petrochemical producer PTT Chemical Public Company. The investment will be used for the development of its technology and also for commercialization of... read more »

Advice on How to Find Investors

Most people with great new ideas for business ventures have creative plans but not enough money to fund their entire project. One option to solve this dilemma is to turn to private investors. The question most entrepreneurs are faced with at this point is how to find investors. Investors will generally differ from a lending institution such as a... read more »

Business Funding for Committed Entrepreneurs

Did the following question occur to you while you were writing your business plan, preparing the executive summary or rehearsing for the pitch? “What do these investors expect from me”? Have you got your answer? Thinking that business investors are focused on the sole purpose of obtaining a high return on investment transforms... read more »

Angel Investor Wanted

You have started your business using your own savings, as well as money from family and friends. Getting a loan from the bank has proved to be extremely difficult, almost impossible, given the current economic aspects and the high risks to which a start-up is exposed. What alternatives do you have? Well, to secure a meaningful cash investment,... read more »

Steps to Securing Business Start-up Capital

Probably one of the most daunting initiatives in the process of starting a business is finding the necessary capital. You may have an excellent innovative idea and an unflagging commitment to launching the enterprise, what you also need to prove to potential investors is that your future business is capable of generating revenues in a timely... read more »

Business Investors

Are you looking for business investors? You are not the only one, but you may be the successful one. Searching for a person or organization to invest in your work is not the easiest thing in the world. You cannot just ask money from anywhere. Firstly they won’t give it to you unless you have a solid plan of action and you can demonstrate... read more »

Venture capital firms

When you want to boost up your business and you are in need of capital you start thinking where you can go to ask for funding. You probably asked for money from family and friends already and you may need more money than they could possibly raise. The other options are of course, private equity firms, venture capital firms, angels investors and... read more »

Property Investors in South Africa

South Africa was almost a virgin ground for investments as we know them until 1990. After that almost epic date, the government had continuously tried to attract foreign investors and had released advantageous policies for property investors in South Africa. The country is a strong touristic attraction being one of the safest in Africa and has a... read more »

Russian investors

They are on the front page of newspapers from time to time and do not stop to impress the world with their huge fortunes. Only to count the first 100 richest Russians and their total estimated value is close to $140 billions with no less than 62 billionaires and 50 of them living in Moscow. Impressive figures. Not to mention the oil or gas... read more »

Venture capital industry focus on biotechnology

The food resources are limited and more and more under pressure due to the massive growth in population. The fuel resources are limited and under pressure by a continuously expanding industry. The health is under pressure too because of less money available for medical systems even in the developed economies. Biotechnology had, has and will have a... read more »

Venture capital firms and funds in the Middle East

Middle East, maybe like no other region, has very few things in common with the rest of the world when it comes to economical interdependency. The main link is the oil market but oil industry is at the same time the strong and the weak point. In the last decades, many of the Middle East countries tried to diversify their economies and we have... read more »

International investors

Do you run a business in a country with an emerging economy and a poor offer of investment firms? Maybe you like working with foreign people or need more money than you can find in your own country. Then you might be in search of international investors and wondering how you can get a hold of them. It is difficult to search for VCs from another... read more »

Seeking investors

How many times have you imagined the growth of you small company into a multinational conglomerate and you making an exit with a few million dollars comfortably in your pockets? That is if you could just raise some more capital to invest and do it fast. Well, you can. You just need to learn some tricks and to follow some steps. The first thing... read more »

Real estate investments

Big companies tend to have many employees and offices. This is just how the way things work. Even an IT business will have a dozen programmers and some offices for customer services or call-centers. For this reason that small office you managed to buy when you first started you business is starting to be a little too small. That is when you... read more »

Business partners wanted

Are you in need of a trustworthy business partner, which can help you be more efficient and grow you company? Everybody is, but not everybody knows how to choose the right one for him or her. The reasons for having a business partner are quite obvious: you have more manpower, you can divide tasks and focus on your own ones, you will both have... read more »

Foreign investors

Are you running a business in a developing country where there are few local investors, which only invest in sure things, and only regarding vast amounts of money? You should then consider about searching for foreign investors, which are willing to offer you venture capital funds and help you expand your business. When you do not have the... read more »

IDC Funding

As 2010 World Cup is rolling to the glorious final game, the business community from South Africa is counting the money, especially those made from the tourism industry. If there are a lot or very few compared with the expected income, we will see in a couple of weeks. The question is what will happen afterwards. Is this global event bringing... read more »

Investors in South Africa

Many will agree that South Africa while it may have some structural and political problems is a haven for investment groups who can find numerous domains that are under constant growth and can bring a lot of money to those who are willing to invest there. Companies should line up to invest there, but unfortunately the situation is not quite so.... read more »

Venture capital industry focus on energy and environment

Are you wondering what type of business is the primary focus of VC firms lately? I can tell you one thing: if your business is connected to the field of energy or environment, you are lucky. With all the global press and pressure put by the government on these sensible issues that concern us all, everybody wants a slice of the pie. The growing... read more »

Chinese investor

Are you in need of Chinese investors to help you boost up your business? You can start by clicking here and choosing one from the list, which you can generate yourself. More than 80 powerful investors are searching, right now, for companies in any... read more »

London Mini Seed Camp Great for Tech Entrepreneurs!

For many of you who are founders of startup companies, you probably have that common problem. How can you raise that much needed seed capital for your company? Some of you may even be in dire need for this seed capital to get the train on the rails. First, what is seed capital? Well, seed capital is the capital that is needed to pay for... read more »

Investors in Dubai

The current global crisis is serious, nonetheless investments in the Middle East countries especially Dubai is sure to create new opportunities for everyone to find new markets, partners and ideas. Indeed hit hard particularly by the global financial crisis, the flourishing real estate sector in Dubai now echoes the plight of its financial crunch.... read more »

Funding Organizations

Organizations that offer financial support to meet the personal, educational, social, religious needs are called funding organizations. Funding organizations are the sources from where one may find assistance that include government, non government, special interest groups, service clubs, program grants, loans and membership. Funding is being... read more »

Older posts:

May 12, 2009

Investment Group, the Foundry Leads $4 Million in Series A Funding for Medialets

Based in New York, Medialets announced that it had received $4 million in series A funding with the Foundry Group leading the investment and existing investors participating. Medialets’ existing investors include DFJ Gotham and Bobby Yazdani, who was an early investor in Google. Medialets more »

May 11, 2009

VC Firms, Fairhaven Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners, and BBN Technologies Invest $8.25 Million in EveryZing

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, EveryZing, Inc. had raised $10 million in a round of funding led by its existing investors, Fairhaven Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners, and BBN Technologies along with a new investor, GE/NBCU’s Peacock Equity Fund. EveryZing is a company that runs search and publishing more »

May 10, 2009

Investors, Globis Capital Partners, Itochu Technology Ventures, Yasuda Enterprise Development, Epic Ventures, and Panasonic Ventures Lead $21 Million in Series C Funding for ZettaCore

Based in Denver, Colorado, ZettaCore announced that it had managed to raise $21 million in series C funding with new investors, Globis Capital Partners, Itochu Technology Ventures, Yasuda Enterprise Development, and Epic Ventures leading the funding. Existing investors also participated in this round of funding more »

May 9, 2009

Indian VC Firm, Nexus India Capital Invests $5 Million in OLX Classifieds

OLX is an online classified ad company that has spanned its services worldwide with offices in India, Spain, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Brazil, and many other countries. OLX is unique in that it allows the user to create colorful ads with even video, if they so choose. OLX was mainly founded to provide a better alternative to Craigslist, because the more »

May 7, 2009

Media Marketing Research Company, TRA Receives $13.5 Million in Series B Funding from Arbitron

Based in New York, TRA today announced that it had raised $13.5 million in series B funding from Arbitron. TRA, Inc. is a media marketing research company that has a unique platform known as the “TRAnalytics,” and is being developed to match advertisements that people watch and the products that people buy in an economical way. This allows advertisers to have media more »

May 7, 2009

VC Firm, Accuitive Medical Ventures Leads $30 Million Investment for Sadra Medical

Based in Cambell, California, Sadra Medical has raised $30 million in capital with Accuitive Medical leading the funding. Other participating investors in this funding include Boston Scientific, Finstere, Firstmark Capital, Oakwood, ONSET Ventures, and SV Life Sciences; who are existing investors of Sadra Medical. Founded in 2003, Sadra Medical was more »

May 6, 2009

VC Firm, Battery Ventures Leads a $70 Million Investment in ExactTarget Along With Scale Venture Partners and Montegu Newhall Participating

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, ExactTarget is a company that provides an on-demand email and one-to-one advertising. ExactTarget has sealed a deal to receive a $70 million venture investment with Battery Ventures leading the funding with Scale Venture Partners and Montegu more »

May 6, 2009

VC Firm, Technology Partners Leads $30 Million in Series C Funding for Deeya Energy, Inc.

Founded in 2004 and based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Deeya Energy has secured $30 million in series C funding led by Technology Partners with all existing investors participating. The company’s existing investors include DFJ, BlueRun Ventures, Element Partners, and New Enterprise Associates more »

May 5, 2009

Investment Firms, Alta Partners, Amgen Ventures, Frazier Healthcare, and Three Arch Partners Invest $30 Million in Series B Funding for Calistoga Pharmaceuticals

Based in Seattle, Washington, Calistoga Pharmaceuticals has announced that it received $30 million in series B funding from vc firms, Alta Partners, Amgen Ventures, Frazier Healthcare, Three Arch Partners. Calistoga is a leading developer of isoform-selective more »

April 30, 2009

VC Firms, Lok Capital, Aavishkar, and SIDBI invest $10 Million in Bhartiya Samruddhi MFI

Bhartiya Samruddhi MFI (BSFL) has announced that it had received an investment of $10 million in series B funding from three vc firms, which are Lok Capital, Aavishkar, and SIDBI.  BSFL is based in Hyderabad, India, and was founded in 1996.  The main goal of BSFL is to more »

April 29, 2009

Private Equity Firm, UFG Private Equity Leads 200 Million EUR ($265,331,164.67) in Investment Round for Arkadin

Based in Paris, France, Arkadin announced that it had received a large round of venture funding of 200 million EUR ($256,331,164.67) led by new investor, UFG Private Equity.   Arkadin is a company that offers a global audio web conferencing service.  Arkadin’s products are user friendly, greatly improve communications and are even used by some of the more »

April 27, 2009

VC Firm, Quercus Trust Invests $12 Million in Israeli ETV Motors

Based in Israel and founded one year ago, ETV Motors announced that it was to receive $12 million in round one by the Quercus Trust, which is based in California. ETV Motors is a company that produces innovative motors which are environmentally friendly and energy more »

April 17, 2009

VC Firms, Mission Ventures, Selby Ventures, and Tech Coast Angels Invest $2.7 Million in Series B Financing for Big Stage Entertainment

Media Tech Company based in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California; Big Stage Entertainment announced that it received $2.7 million in series B financing from Mission Ventures, Selby Ventures, and Tech Coast Angels.   The addition of this series B financing has raised the total of venture capital that the company has raised to $10.6 more »

April 16, 2009

Children’s Virtual World Company, Tribal Nova Receives $3 Million in Venture Funding from VC Firms, iNovia Capital and ID Capital

Tribal Nova is a parent-child friendly virtual world game developer that is based in Montreal, Canada which develops educational games for children ages three to twelve.  Tribal Nova is starting to lead the market in the children’s game and virtual world more »

April 16, 2009

VC Firms, Interwest Partners, ARCH Venture Partners, Clarus Ventures, and EDF Ventures Invest $36 Million in Series A Funding for Lycera

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lycera Corporation is a company that develops small molecule pharmaceuticals for treating autoimmune diseases rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.  Lycera is a developer of small-molecule immunomodulators to treat autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis, lupus and transplant rejection. more »

April 15, 2009

Investment Firm, PRE Ventures Leads $6.25 Million in Series B Financing for Pontiflex

The Brooklyn based online advertising creator, Pontiflex has announced the closing of $6.25 million in series B funding with PRE ventures leading the funding and all existing investors participating.  Pontiflex’s participating investors are New Atlantic Ventures and Greenhill SAVP.  The mission of Pontiflex is to offer advertisers the ability to buy high more »

April 14, 2009

VC Firm, Wellington Partners Leads a $16+ Million Venture Funding for Goom Radio

New York based online radio company, Goom Radio has announced that it has received a $16+ million in Series A funding to launch an internet radio.  The financing was led by Wellington Partners with Elaia Partners and Partech International.   Goom Radio claims to be the revolution in radio by creating a new type of radio for the digital generation.  Goom Radio plans to feature the best more »

April 9, 2009

Battery Ventures Invests in J. Hilburn

Dallas based luxury men’s clothes maker, J. Hilburn announced that it received an undisclosed amount of institutional funding led by Battery Ventures.  J. Hilburn is a clothes retailer that custom designs men’s dress clothing at an affordable cost.  As an example of J. Hilburn’s product line is its dress shirts which sell from $79 to $149 depending of the type of fabric the shirts are made more »

April 9, 2009

French VC Firms, Crédit Agricole Private Equity and Innoven Partnaires lead $11 Million Investment Round for SpineGuard

A French startup, SpineGuard announced that it received a $11 Million in funding round led by two French vc firms, Crédit Agricole and Innoven Partnaires.  Along with this large funding round, SpineGuard also announced that it acquired the PediGuard unit from SpineVision.  A new company, SpineGuard was founded earlier this year by Pierre Jérôme and Stephanie more »

April 9, 2009

Existing investors Invest $2.02 Million in Cardiola

Based in Winterhur, Switzerland, Cardiola AG has announced that it had received a $2.02 million in funding from existing venture capital investors.   Cardiola AG is a company that produces solutions for a medical problem known as CHF or Chronic Heart more »

April 8, 2009

VC Firm, Sierra Ventures Leads $10 Million Investment in TouchCommerce

Based in Agoura Hills, Califonia, leader in the Pay for Online Conversion industry, TouchCommerce announced that it is to close a $10 million investment led by Sierra Ventures.   Other vc firms participating in this investment round include Dolphin Equity Partners, Emergence Capital, Hudson Ventures, and Partech International.   TouchCommerse offers solutions for Pay for Online more »

April 6, 2009

VC Affiliate of Goldman Sachs Invest $42 Million In Series C Funding for Revolution Money, Inc.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Steve Case’s Revolution, LLC. announced that it received $42 million in series C funding from a Goldman Sachs affiliate and existing investors.  Revolution Money, Inc. is a company that provides payments that are of high value for both merchants and consumers.  The payments are provided through “RevolutionCard,” which is a service that more »

April 6, 2009

Japanese VC Firm Mizuho Venture Capital Leads a $10 Million In Round 5 for Glam Media

Glam Media, a distributed vertical content network, and an advertising network has just announced the landing of a $10 million in round 5 funding.   The funding was led by Japanese vc firm Mizuho Venture Capital and German joint venture that was arranged by partner, Hubert Burda Media.   The funding is mainly for expanding the company’s Japanese and German more »

March 17, 2009

VC investors, Granite Ventures and Venture West provide $9 Million Series C funding round for Zeugma System

Vancouver based Zeugma System is a company that supplies telecommunication solutions to broadband service providers.  Zeugma announced that it had closed $9 million in series C funding and this particular funding together with other funding the company received brings the total sum up to $50 million.   Zeugma’s investors include Granite Ventures, Ventures West, Vertex more »

March 17, 2009

Apture Secures $4.1 Million In Series A Venture Funding

Based in San Mateo, California, the publishing and blogging company, Apture secured $4.1 million in Series A funding from Clearstone Venture Partners.   Apture is an innovative company that creates solutions that allow publishers and bloggers to turn ordinary drab web pages into a fun and interesting multimedia experience.   Apture has an intersting more »

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