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March 25th, 2010

Companies Receive Venture Capital and Past Recipient Returns the Favor

In venture capital news today, March 25th, 2010, there is news from those seeking capital and from those who have benefited from venture capital in the past. Companies, such as Placecast and Akorri Networks Inc., who are taking advantage of new technologies, have recently had good success with acquiring investors, while Niklas Zennström of Skype fame offers a lending hand to startups... read more »


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Start up venture capital funding investments stay at a high lately. Funding of $11 million, $50 million, $30 million $15 million were all part of the normal business day for Venture Capital Investors. In the light of the Job Creation Bill past by congress on 17 March 2010, making an estimated $13 billion dollars worth of tax incentives available and repurposing bank bail-out money to lend more to small businesses to boost economic growth, Venture Capital investors are not about to left out of the equation... read more »


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Venture Capital News Update

Today, March 18, a number of startups across the country announced successful acquisition of venture capital funding. With increased interest in alternative energy and clean tech, it is no surprise that one of this week’s most successful rounds of funding went to Aurora Biofuels, which has successfully engineered a way to manufacture biofuels from algae. The company secured $15 million in an additional round of funding, which was led by Oak Investment Partners. ... read more »


Raising Capital Continues for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

To wrap up the venture capital news for March 16, 2010, it is important to note the developments within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With $65.3 billion in 2009, a new report shows that U.S. biopharmaceutical companies hit a new record for investment for research and development. That figure represents an increase of $1.5 billion in investment within the industry as compared to 2008 ... read more »


Venture Capital Funding News

Today, March 15, wraps up yet another week in venture capital funding, with a number of startups receiving millions of dollars in venture capital and entering into agreements with some of the top venture capitalists in the country. With the majority of these funded startups still being in tech fields such as software, hardware, and electronics, there is also beginning to be an emerging trend in green investing and alternative energy, with a new report that confirms that the total amount invested in alternative energy ... read more »


An Angel Investors Advice for Seeking Funding

When you are a startup, strategy is everything. In a recent Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture at Stanford University, angel investor Ron Conway joined fellow investor Mike Maples Jr. to give advice and insight for startups on how to remain competitive and make the money last. These tips are crucial for anyone who is seeking funding, as they can tell you what kinds of things angel investors and venture capitalists look for in a startup of those seeking series B or C funding ... read more »


How to Get Meetings with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

If you are one of the millions who have decided to give in to your entrepreneurial spirit and take the plunge for developing your own ideas or project and starting your own business, you may already know that finding funding is one of the most difficult aspects of getting a new business off the ground and running. Because the search for business funding is often a full time job in and of itself, prepare yourself mentally ... read more »


Tips to make lucrative propositions for venture capital

Venture capital has been one of the means to acquiring wealth. Money is never enough and funds should be rightly deployed in generating additional wealth. Venture capital as a concept started before the Second World War, it was then predominantly a domain of rich individuals and families. However the perspective has now shifted from individuals to partners in a firm who pool together their investment for upcoming and promising viable enterprises ... read more »


Effective Elevator Pitches for Approaching Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Today’s business leaders are busier than ever before, and many venture capitalists are increasingly inundated with proposals and requests for funding, often to the point that they do not have the time to review all of the proposals and business plans that they receive. Because of this, having an effective elevator pitch that gets your point across rapidly is more important than ever. While having a great idea and a rock-solid business plan are still important when it comes to obtaining funding from angel investors ... read more »


VC funding news

Today, March 8, DataXu just announced that it had received $11 million in series B funding led by Menlo Ventures. Other investors who participated in this round of funding include Atlas Ventures and FlyBridge Capital Partners. DataXu is a company that is based in Boston Massachusetts and is one of the national leaders in real time bidding platforms for visual advertisers. On March 5, Saladax, which is based in ... read more »


A Growing Alternative Source for Financial Support

An interesting new development has begun within the business world. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have turned to find alternative financing after the financial crisis played havoc with traditional sources of financing. Prior to the economic crisis, entrepreneurs and small business owners received financing and credit for their company's expansions primarily through banks, both large and small. However, after the worst of the crisis has passed, banks currently operate by creating ... read more »


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Time is running out...

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need 2 things.

1. A plan
2. Expert advice

Until 5pm Eastern TODAY (Wednesday, March 3rd), you can get BOTH for the price of a cup of coffee. ... read more »


The Business Plan is the Key to Building a Business

Did you know that you need to lay out your method of action for your business when you build your business? That’s right, before you can even think of contacting investors, you need to build an effective business plan that has your plan of action all laid out in clear steps for the investor to be able to understand ... read more »


Why YOU Need a Great Business Plan

Something that most new entrepreneurs don’t comprehend is that a business plan is not just a dreaded, one-time exercise done merely for the entertainment of a group of faceless bankers sitting on a loan committee ... read more »


Did You Know How You Can Raise Capital Through Alternative Sources?

Are you one of those many entrepreneurs who have been having trouble raising capital through the conventional methods of raising capital, such as venture capital, angel investor, or business loans? Venture capitalists have probably denied your funding because they believe that the amount of funding that you requested was too little for their firm to invest ... read more »


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"Fortune favors only the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur

You can have the best idea or product in the world, but your efforts will be in vain unless you prepare the proper business plan documents prior to your initial contact with venture capital firms. The business plan is not the only tool for approaching funders, but it should be well developed before moving into a funding search. It will include the mechanics for your pitch to funders ... read more »


5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Seeking Venture Capital

It is no secret among entrepreneurs that venture capital makes their ideas possible. However, the secrets to getting that venture capital are often left unknown to them. Mistakes when contacting venture capital firms can be very costly.

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Cloud Computing = The Next Huge Market

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology that has swept the small to medium business community with an overwhelming grasp due to its low cost and the ease of its set-up. There is little to no experience needed for the set-up and can be done with little to no technical background ... read more »


Entrepreneurs can also raise capital from investors outside of their countries

Did you know that if you are an entrepreneur looking for investments, you can also find investors who invest in other countries other than their own? That’s right. Despite the global financial crisis, many investors invest in countries where they do not have their offices based in. Many developing countries spanning from Eastern Europe all the way to India have many ... read more »


How Much is Enough Planning

When you are starting your own business, having a plan in place before you start to get into the financing stage is critical. Investors are going to want to know that you have done your planning before they start putting their money up to make your idea a reality. When you think you have planned enough, plan some more. You will need to get all of your ideas into one complete plan before you seek out ... read more »


Why Have You Not Found Your Companys Investors Yet?

There are many different ways to raise the money you need to get your company started; however, the majority of the more well-known ways to raise money generally include spending a lot of it as well. Everyone has heard the old saying that you must “spend money to make money”. While this saying is true to a point ... read more »


How to avoid the pitfalls of a poor business plan

Did you know that in order to have any success in winning your investment, you need to have a strong and convincing business plan. The business plan is very important for your company. Why is the business plan so important? The business plan is the road-map of your business and how your company functions. It shows everything you have and how you plan to corner the market in your sector ... read more »


Raise Venture Capital in One Click

I have noticed that you have recently been looking for ways to acquire Venture Capital and wanted to share a few secrets that I have learned with you. When I first started looking for money to start my business it was a frustrating learning process. What I later learned was that I was going about it in all of the wrong ways ... read more »


VC summits can help you find investors quickly!

Did you know that there is a more effective but more expensive way to meet investors? Have you ever tried going to different summits where you can meet with investors, and even close deals with them on the spot? In fact, this year there are several such summits. For example, there is the upcoming Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference in Shanghai, China this month ... read more »


Forget the Funding FairyMake Your Own Success Story in 2010

With 2010 right around the corner, and New Year's resolutions aplenty, isn't it time you got down to business and set up your own success story for the coming twelve months?

If you've been looking for funding for any length of time till now, you'll appreciate that these things don't just happen ... read more »


Do investors still invest in startups?

We’ve got good news for entrepreneurs, just like you! Don’t let yourself be down with the blues because of the global financial crisis. Just because there is a financial crisis, that doesn’t mean investors are not investing. You need to remember, Warren Buffet once said “When people get greedy, I get scared, and when people are scared, I get greedy.” What does this mean? Exactly that ... read more »


How can you keep control over your company when negotiating with investors?

You know that once you have found the right investor for your company, you will have to negotiate with those investors in order to seal the deal. You also know that this is not very easy to do. Investors who invest a large amount capital will want to have their amount of equity in the company for that investment ... read more »


Find Your Investor By Looking at His Portfolio

Did you know that there is another way you can find out whether an investor is right for you or not? Yes, what you need to do is to look at their portfolio companies. Why should you look at an investor's portfolio companies? Well, portfolio companies can tell you a lot about the investor. From portfolio companies, you can see what an ... read more »


Groundbreaking Method to Raise Capital for Your Startup Company

Are you also finding it hard to raise capital for your startup company? Working hard day in and out, finding contact details of venture capital investors, angel investors or anyone else who might be interested in investing in your idea? Attending cocktail parties just to get a one minute with an investor? Well, if it sounds like you, then you are probably making the same ... read more »


Instead of blindly shooting arrows in the air, hit the target!

There are many investors out there that you can contact in order to raise capital. This can be a rather difficult process. Finding the right VC/PE firm or Angel investor for your business can bring about many headaches and disappointments ... read more »


How to Pitch Your Company to an Investor

Did you know that there are some easy ways to pitch your idea to an investor and get him interested in your project. Yes, there are. Some of these pitches include what is commonly known as an elevator pitch. This type of pitch is called an elevator pitch because supposedly the pitch was first hatched in an elevator when an entrepreneur spoke with an investor inside ... read more »


Find an investor who's stage preferences match your company.

Many people have been wondering whether our service is for companies in all stages or just for startups. The fact is that we have something for everyone and you can choose an investor according to the phase of your company, which is known as a stage in a company’s life and the preference that an investor has in a particular company’s stage is known as a stage ... read more »


Having trouble getting the funding you need?

I understand that you are starting a new business and you are lacking the ability to connect with investors or need to get the information from Venture Capital, Private investors and Angel investors that you might not necessarily have from their websites and on the web ... read more »


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