Your right to deleted your data (GDPR)

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation Agreement committed to GDPR compliance across our operations.

All the data in our investor database is from public sources and from direct requests from investors that applied in order to be added to our database, but still, if you wish to delete your data from our database, you can just send a request to:

If you are a client of ours and wish to delete your name & email from our mailing list, you can just send a request to:

Your right to be deleted (Erasure)

This provides data subjects with the ability to ask for the deletion of their data. We need to note that this is not an absolute right and only apply in certain circumstances. For example, the personal data has been unlawfully processed or the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was originally collected. Such requests will be sent to:

Your Right to access

This gives you the ability to contact us at: email and ask us for information what personal data is processed and the scope of the processing. You also have the right to access your own personal data that is being processed. The right lets users view their personal info, as well as request copies of the data.

Right to rectification

This provides users with the ability to ask for modifications to his/her personal data in case the data subject believes the stored information is not up to date or is not accurate.

Right to withdraw consent

This right allows you to have a change of heart and withdraw a previously given consent for processing their private data for a certain purpose. When such a request is filed, we will stop processing the personal data that was obtained based on an earlier consent. Contact us at: if you're thinking to withdraw your consent.

Right to data portability

This right provides the data subject with the ability to ask for the transfer for his/her personal information. Such requests will be sent to:

Data retention

In line with the GDPR's creed of "data minimisation" both in terms of volume of data stored on individuals and how long it's retained, personal data shall be kept for no longer than necessary.

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To delete your name & email from our list please send email request to:

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