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April 10, 2009

Zimride Makes it Easier to Have Green Rides

Carpooling Community Partners with Zipcar and Facebook

An internet carpool community, Zimride gives users a way to find or make a carpool reduce carbon emissions and save money.  By combining social networks and route-matching service, Zimride makes it easy to catch a ride or share a ride with fellow passengers to virtually any destination.

Zimride combines its proprietary ride-matching algorithm and social networking components and Google Maps to provide universities, bands, companies and individuals to ride-share.

Launched in 2007, Zimride reports helping over 300,000 users find and give car-rides through its network, Currently, the service is free for individuals and groups with less than 50 members.  University networks, or company networks with 50 members or more, are asked to pay subscription fee .  Universities pay a licensing fee of $9,500 per year.  Today, Zimride is used extensively on six college campuses, such as Cornell, University of California, Santa Barbara, UCLA,  Stanford and on company networks like Walmart.

Users can select one-time trips, regular commutes and cab shares to destinations throughout the world notably in the United States, with a presence in Great Britain, Australia, and Singapore. In addition to matching up drivers and carpoolers, Zimride offers various on-site calculators that project money saved, and Co2 emmissions reduced through the carpool.

Last summer, Zimride was awarded the facebook (fb)Fund and  Zimride is available as a revenue generating application on Facebook giving friends an easy way to share rides.

Recently, Zimride announced its partnership with Zipcar to integrate carpooling and car-sharing in Stanford. In its partnership, members will be able to seek ride-sharers through at the time of car rental.

Zimride is co-founded by former student activists, Logan Green and John Zimmer and fellow co-founder, Matt Van Horn with a desire to improve the way our communities travel and carshare.  With a staff of 8 based in Palo Alto California, Mr. Green is Zimride’s  Chief Executive Officer and Mr Zimmer is Zimrides Chief Operations Officer.  Ashley Bickford is Zimride’s General Manager of University Relations.