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March 17, 2009

VC investors, Granite Ventures and Venture West provide $9 Million Series C funding round for Zeugma System

Vancouver based Zeugma System is a company that supplies telecommunication solutions to broadband service providers.� Zeugma announced that it had closed $9 million in series C funding and this particular funding together with other funding the company received brings the total sum up to $50 million.�� Zeugma�s investors include Granite Ventures, Ventures West, Vertex Venture Capital, GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. Yaletown Venture Partners, BC Advantage Funds, and ATD Capital.��

Zeugma Services� product accelerates new service deployment for broadband service providers of all kinds.� The Zeugma service node is a service delivery router that manages subscribers, services, applications, and other data compatible for the next generation broadband internet.�� This service delivery router works by combining and computing massive amounts of information with next generation capacity.� This service node also delivers the transfer of high quality video and other digital media files.��� Another Zeugma product is the Open Application Sandbox, which supports a rapid rollout of multiple applications produced by Zeugma.

According to Sam Kingsland, managing director of Granite Ventures, Zeugma is focused on service creation and revenue generation for broadband service providers is just what is needed for today�s market.�� The way video entertainment is being distributed and consumed these days is going under massive changes.�� These changes in technologies pose both significant challenges and great benefits for broadband service providers.�� With Zeugma�s new innovations and dedication to enhancing the service of broadband service providers, the company can corner the market on technologies needed in the broadband industry, furthering the potential for Zeugma�s revenue growth.�

Granite Ventures has managed over $1 billion in venture capital and has invested in more than 90 companies.�� Granite Ventures was founded in 1992 with the focus on helping early stage technology companies build solid foundations.� Granite partners with promising and successful entrepreneurs who show great potential for growth in the industry.�

Venture West is a vc firm that has been around for over 35 years and manages $700 million in venture capital.� Venture west invests in early stage companies throughout Canada in the tech industry and has already invested in over 150 new companies.�

Vertex Venture Capital is a top of the line Israeli vc firm that has a unique value-added partner working together with entrepreneurs to achieve business objectives and encourage investor returns.� The vc firm seeks entrepreneurs that have outstanding management and unique intellectual property which can provide good potential for growth.

GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. is Canada�s leading vc firm that specializes in regionally based vc funds and has combined assets of more than $750 million.� GrowthWorks provides a principled approach to adding value by managing funds that rigorously follow core principles in structured strategic investments.�� GrowthWorks manages over $710 million in assets and primarily focusing on Canada�s most promising sectors, which are the information-technology, life sciences, and clean technology industries.

Yaletown Venture Partners is a vc firm that has takes special care of the entrepreneurs it invests in.� Yaletown is the leader in the clean technology and information technology industries in Western Canada and some areas of the United States.��

BC Advantage Funds is a vc firm that focuses on entrepreneurs in British Columbia and the Vancouver area.� The vc firm�s mission is to maximize financial returns and help build world class companies.� In 2006, BC Advantage received the �Deal of the Year� award by the Canadian Venture Capital Association.