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Wednesday, March 12, 2009

VC firm Sigma Partners invests in CallMiner Speech Analytics

Growth Funding

Recently, CallMiner received venture capital funding in �Series C Round� financing.� CallMiner, a leader in speech analytics, received an undisclosed amount from Sigma Partners and other investors including Intersouth Partners, Inflexion Partners and a new unnamed partner.

Speech analytics is a process of analyzing speech to gather useful information about the speech content or the speaker by spotting keywords or phrases.� This process is successfully used in call centers to gather information from customers.� Businesses may use speech analytics to gather key customer insight and identify unsatisfied customers.� Both applications can result in giving businesses vital customer information for decision-making.

CallMiner�s lead product, Eureka!R, is at the forefront of speech analytics technology.� Eureka! gives businesses the ability to gather and act on the actual voice of their customers in call center conversations.� In addition to extracting call center information, Eureka! R is able to provide businesses with key customer information such as market trends and customer demands.� It is also able to identify the capacity of customer service agents.�

In a variety of industries,� CallMiner�s clients benefit from increased customer retention, greater agent and supervisor productivity, higher first-call resolution and lower assurance costs. Through its recently acquired the venture capital funding, CalMiner expects to grow its customer base and revenue stream.

According to Sigma Partners, CalMiner is at the forefront in speech analytics due to its strong business acumen and has continued potential for growth.

Founded in 2002, CallMiner is led by Terry Leahy, President and Chief Executive Officer;� Jeff Gallino,Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer; and Kim Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer.� Today, CallMiner holds several patents and registered trademarks for its speech analytic products and services.� CallMiner has offices through out the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sigma Partners is a leading venture capital firm established in 1984 that concentrates its efforts on early-stage venture capital development.� Sigma Partners also focuses in supporting innovative technology startups in the US.� Currently, Sigma Partners has over $2 billion under management in offices across the United States. Some of Sigma Partners leading investments include venture capital funding to VeriFone, Octel (Lucent Technologies now Avaya purchased Octel), Internet Security Systems, eDOCS, Inc (purchased by Seibel Systems), Vermeer Technologies, Inc (purchased by Microsoft), m-Qube (acquired by Verisign), and Topio (acquired by Netapp).