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February 11, 2009 is a Rapidly Growing Social Network with Great Promise

The teen-youth aimed social network, is rapidly growing as one of the largest teen social networking sites on the internet. The amazing growth of Tagged can be judged by its revenue. In 2006 Tagged received $7 million in venture capital. With a growing tech-savvy teen and youth society, Tagged is growing in the market aimed at the 13-19 year-old market. Why is Tagged growing so rapidly? With all successful businesses, Tagged found the right moment and did not miss the moment. Tagged developed an innovative social networking site that helps people get in touch with friends and make new friends. Tagged provides a fun media based social network that is highly attractive to today�s teen community. When teens log onto Tagged, they log on to a fun and entertaining environment. Since many teens today seek different ways to express themselves from their MySpace or Facebook pages to SMS text messages and e-mails, etc. Tagged allows teens to exchange several multimedia files from music, video, chat and much more. The venture capital came from the Mayfield Fund, which also invests in other internet ventures, such as the web search engine Snap and the wiki software company JotSpot. What makes Tagged different from other internet social networks, such as MySpace or Facebook is its demographics. Both Facebook and MySpace have a broad demographic range of users, whereas Tagged is exclusively aimed at the teen and youth population.

In July of 2007, Razz, Inc. teamed up with Tagged to provide the teen community with an amazing combination of both products together. As of July 2007, Tagged users now have access to Razz�s products. Razz, Inc. offers a number of products that are popular with today�s teens. With this merger, Tagged users now have access to Razz Tones and Razz ShoutOuts. These are products that allow teens to express themselves with several different media files. Both Razz Tones and Razz ShoutOuts are personalized voiced ringtones that users can use on their Tagged account. These customizable ringtones are highly popular to the average self-expressing teenager and with these Razz Tones and Razz ShoutOuts available on Tagged will guarantee only more growth for Tagged.

Greg Tseng founded Tagged in October 2004 together with Johann Schleier-Smith. Greg Tseng is not just a co-founder of Tagged but the chief executive of Tagged as well. Greg Tseng has been the main force in the foundation of Tagged and worked on the venture together with close friend and partner, Johann Schleier-Smith. Other ventures that Greg Tseng has co-founded are Avivon, Inc., which is a textbook comparison company. Mr. Tseng has an A.B. in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics from the University of Harvard. Mr. Tseng has also been working as the director of the Harvard Entrepreneurs Club from 1998 to 2000. Mr. Tseng is currently at Stanford University where he is pursuing a PhD in Physics and National Defense Science and Engineering. He has also done academic research on nanotechnology which has been published in some top journals about the field.

The other co-founder of Tagged is Johann Schlerier-Smith and he also runs the company�s technical operations. Mr. Schleier-Smith has also co-founded Avivon, Inc. together with Mr. Tseng and has served as the technical director of LLC, which is a network of over 100 college portals. Mr. Schleier-Smith also holds an A.B. in Physics and Mathematics from Harvard University. Mr. Schleier-Smith is also working of a PhD in Physics at Stanford University with the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, the Stanford Graduate Fellowship, and the Hertz Foundation Fellowship Research Grant.

Tagged�s board of directors include Reid Hoffman, founder and CEO of Linkedin; Raj Kapoor and Allen Morgan, both managing directors of Mayfield Funding. Tagged is a growing company with a growing number of employees.

Taggs main competitors are Facebook, Bebo, Piczo, Friendster, and Orkut. Facebook is one of the largest internet social network companies. Facebook offers a service that allows people to connect with their co-workers, classmates or friends. Facebook is a large company that employs over 600 people. Bebo is a smaller social network which is aimed more to college students. Bebo employs 40 people. Friendster is a leading global social network with over 45 million members. Friendster is a social network aimed at people at 18 years old and up.

As Tagged continues to grow, it will continue to be more appealing to investors. With the advent of technology and with a continued teen population that is increasingly tech savvy and increasingly willing to spend money, the future only looks even brighter for years to come.