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April 28, 2009

Planitax Is Turning into a Leading Corporate Tax Software Company

Planitax is a privately owned corporation that is becoming a leading provider of a corporate tax software.�� The software that Planitax has created is a SaaS or Software as a Service, which allows the tax departments of businesses to manage the data needed for filing the taxes without the cost of hiring auditors and staff to deal with this data.� Further more, Planitax�s program analizes the data effectively and efficiently while reducing significant cost to the business.�

Planitax has eight people on its management team with the top four of the management being Greg Prow, Chairman and CEO; Chris Stauber, CTO aqnd VP of Product Development; Dan Filby, Chief Operating Officer; and Mark VanCuren, VP of Global Global Services.

Greg Prow has deep experience in leadership in the tax industry.� Mr. Prow has broad knowledge in all facets of the corporate tax industry, including corporate tax, public accounting, and operations.� Mr. Prow has worked for one of the company�s investors, Mobius Venture Capital.� When Mr. Prow worked at Mobius, he was the CEO and managing director of the firm.� Greg Prow�s achievements are just as stunning as his work experience.� Mr. Prow graduated from Santa Clara University with a JD degree and is also a member of both the California Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Before joining Planitax, Mr. Stauber has been working on the creation of all kinds of business software applications and has even worked for many of the Global 2000 companies.� After coming to Planitax, Mr. Stauber is the man behind the curtain, in other words, he is the person behind most of the ideas and product models of Planitax.� Mr. Stauber also held key management positions at manufacturing software provider, Avalon Software.� Mr. Stauber also co-founded Bayard Software and graduated from the University of California with a BA in Business.

Dan Filby worked in key leadership positions in some Fortune 100 companies before joining Planitax as the company�s COO.� While working for those companies, Mr. Filby has been able to raise revenues for the companies that he was working for.� Some of the companies that Mr. Filby has woked for, before joining the executive team at Planitax are Adlex, Axeda, and Oracle Corporation.� Mr. Filby graduated from Canada�s Laurier University with a BA in Economics.�

Mr. VanCuran has been working in the corporate tax field for over 15 years and at Planitax he is responsible for the company�s sales division and relations with new customers.�� Before joining Planitax, Mr. VanCuran has been working for two vc firms, PwC and Ernest & Young.

Planitax�s investors are Access Venture Partners, DFJ; DFJ Frontier; Mobius Venture Capital; and Draper Fisher & Juvertson.

Mobius Venture Capital is actually close to the company because its chairman and CEO, Greg Prow worked for Mobius Venture Capital and is familiar with the vc firm.� Mobius Venture Capital is a private equity firm that has about $2.5 billion under its management and is based in Palo Alto, California.�� Mobius mainly likes to invest in early stage companies in the service and communications software industry.�

In February of 2008, Planitax reported growth on over 375% in the fourth quarter of 2007.�� At that time, Mr. Filby had stated that Planitax has been getting the business of more companies who are looking for innovative ways to better their internet controls.� Companies also need to make their data management more efficient and improve it all together throughout the entire tax cycle.�

In December of 2008, Toshiba�s US arm, Toshiba America Electronics, Inc.(TAEC) decided to use Planitax�s service to make their tax credit process more efficient.�� As far as Dan Filby is concerned, the fact that such a prestigious company, such as TAEC decided to engage Planitax service suite to help streamline their R&D tax credit processes further validates Planitax�s Tax Horizon Suite as the most efficient program available for corporations to manage their corporate taxes at the end of every fiscal year.�

Planitax has one competitor, Avalara, which is a sales tax management company that produces software which makes the sales tax processes easier to manage.�� Avalara was founded in January 1, 1999 and is based in Bainbridge Island, Washington.�� Avalara is a privately owned corporation with five people on its management team and one person on its board of directors.�

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