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November 19, 2009

Need to Raise Capital?

For the young aspiring entrepreneur, raising capital is a must if they want their company to be successful. There are resources that you can get right here at VCgate, which can help you raise capital for your business. Furthermore, VCgate also has some big name affiliates, such as Growthlink University which is run by a veteran investor who has the inside know how about the entrepreneur-investor community. These are only some of the benefits of coming to VCgate.

As far as raising capital is concerned, VCgate has the VCgate Venture Capital Database which can give you access to over 5,100 venture capital and private equity firms, with all their funds totaling over $1100 billion . The VCgate Venture Capital Database, however, is not all that you need to know in order to win that coveted investment for your company.

The first things you need to know is what kind of capital is available and what kind of capital is best for you. You need to know what debt capital is and what private equity or venture capital are. You will need to know what investments are of high risk to the investors and what investments are of low risk to the investors. The questions you need to ask to yourself are as follows: Do I need to raise capital by raising debt capital? If so, how much will I have to pay in interest? Is my company high growth enough to raise venture capital? Will I want to liquidate my company or have it ready for an IPO?

These are very important things to know if you want to win that crucial investment from institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms. Furthermore, VCgate does not only offer you the VCgate Venture Capital Database. As mentioned above, VCgate also has powerful affiliates who can provide you with the inside information, allowing you to know what investors are looking for.

With the resources that VCgate and its affiliates can offer you are not only all the information about venture capital and investors, and what they are looking for in order to make an investment. You can also learn how to make an effective pitch to a venture capitalist. You will need to sell your business plan, get your prospective investor convinced that your plan will fly. All of this information is available at VCgate and its affiliates.

Armed with the knowledge that you can get through Growthlink, you can very easily use the VCgate Venture Capital Database to contact over 5,100 investors who may even be your investor.