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International investors

As you may know, the essential criteria for selecting business investors that are most likely to fund your venture include their stage and industry preference, as well as their geographic location. You are aware of the advantages that your company will have if the business investor is located in your area, within maximum 100 miles. You will benefit from their physical presence anytime you have a management issue to solve, they can provide assistance and useful contacts. But what if you live and run your business in a country where investors are hard to find?You will have to search for investors from other countries. How can you get their attention? And, if you do, how will you ensure a smooth and effective communication process afterwards?

Your initiative may be extremely challenging, you will have to persuade investors that your business is worth their attention. As you know they prefer to invest in enterprises located in a close area, therefore the only aspect that would entice them is the perspective of a very high return on investment, considering the risks posed by such a business partnership. These investors may have experience in your industry ' with other successful companies in their portfolio, but they also need to have in-depth knowledge about your country's economy and current market trends.

What countries offer a wide range of International investors, such as venture capital firms or angel investors? USA is the leader, with over 2000 investment firms and individuals, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Israel. However, keep in mind the fact that some of the biggest fund owners have only their own countries as their final destination, so trying to reach them and change their investment strategy would probably be a waste of time. Instead, focus your attention on funds that are willing to invest in international ventures and already have experience in doing so. Where will you find these funds? The VCgate investors database includes over 5,100 investors from all over the globe. All you need to do is select those that will be most likely to start a partnership with you.

international investors map
USA 3012
United Kingdom 355
Canada 154
Argentina 2
Australia 57
Austria 57
Bangladesh 1
Bahrain 4
Belgium 30
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Brazil 10
Brunei Darussalam 1
Bulgaria 3
Cambodia 2
Cameroon 1
China, incl. Hong Kong 195
Colombia 1
Costa Rica 2
Cote d'Ivoire 1
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 35
Egypt 2
El Salvador 1
Estonia 1
Finland 32
France 91
Germany 130
Hungary 13
Iceland 6
India 79
Ireland 13
Indonesia 2
Israel 116
Italy 23
Japan 53
Kazakhstan 1
Kenya 2
Kuwait 1
Liechtenstein 1
Luxembourg 6
Malaysia 8
Mauritius 5
Netherlands 48
New Zealand 15
Niger 3
Nigeria 3
Norway 28
Peru 1
Philippines 3
Poland 21
Romania 7
Russia 18
Senegal 1
Singapore 52
Slovenia 5
South Africa 89
South Korea 25
Spain 23
Sri Lanka 1
Sweden 70
Switzerland 45
Taiwan 26
Tanzania, united republic of 1
Thailand 2
Ukraine 5
United Arab Emirates 8
Viet Nam 7
Zambia 1

TOTAL: 5115 Investors

Type of investors:


2223Private Equity Firms
2048Venture Capital Firms
665Private Investors
740Angel Investors

168Business Landers


 The number of investors in VCgate database that invest in the following stages:

funding amount

Funding needed:

 The number of investors in VCgate database and the funding amount of their investments,
                                                            in thousand dollars (K) and million dollars (M):

funding amount

Industry Preferences:

 The number of investors in VCgate database that invest in the following industries:

Advertising & Marketing587 Aerospace250 Agriculture278 Biotechnology826 Business Products736 Business Services2195 Cellular530 Cleantech558 Communication & Computer Networks1033 Computer Hardware654 Computer Services736 Consumer Products1079 Consumer Services1491
Defense, Military & Homeland Security332 Distribution699 Diversified1359 Education543 Electronics696 Energy & Natural Resources775 Enthusiast, Craft & Hobby Products285 Environment443
Financial Services1733 Food & Ingredients279 Food and Beverage459
Government Services179 Healthcare1442 Industrial Products516 Industrial Services853 Insurance348 Internet1395 IT Services1239 Leisure Products and Services274 Life Sciences764 Manufacturing988 Media & Entertainment1097 Medical Devices774 Medical Services639 Mining220 Pet & Animal Products/Services224 Pharmaceuticals529 Real Estate, Construction608 Retail & wholesale643 Semiconductors685 Software1561 Technology2706 Telecommunication1049 Tourism & Hotels334 Transportation456 Video Games427