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March 13, 2009

Dapper Develops Innovative Contextual Ad Technology

Dapper was founded in October of 2006 and is a US based company which develops ad software that generates advertising relevant to a publisher�s website. Dapper ads technology can automatically pull inventory data from advertisers' sites, and incorporate it in publishers' sites.

In 2008, Dapper announced the unveiling of its MashUpAds, which are dynamic display ads that change when your content changes. The ad takes up the content from a publisher�s site and mashes it up with the content from an advertiser�s site making it relevant to the information that the user is browsing. This product does not only bring up content but it can bring up site functionality as well. If, for example, a business runs an events site with a form that users can put in dates and locations of events around the country, Dapper�s new product can let that business port this functionality into its ad. Simply put, this makes the ad an extension of the site. MashUpAds has recently been renamed as DapperAds.

The cofounders of Dapper are Eran Shir and Jon Aizen. Eran Shir is also the company�s CEO and is a graduate of Techion University in Israel with a degree in physics. Before Dapper, Mr. Shir founded DIMES, which is a large scale internet research project. Mr. Shir also founded Cogniview, which is a data conversion software company and also worked there as the company�s CTO.

Jon Aizen is also Dapper�s COO and is a graduate from Cornell and has been working on web applications since 1994. Mr. Aizen has experience in managing large scale web projects that emphasize on a semantic web and how it applies to marketing. Mr. Aizen has worked with Alexa Internet, which is a web traffic statistics company and has also worked for Internet Archive, which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to building an internet library.

Dapper has offices in San Francisco, New York and research and development center in Tel Aviv. The company employs 15 people. Dapper�s board of directors consists of three people, Eran Shir, Sam Somech, and Bruce Golden.

Dapper�s major investor is Accel Partners, which funded the company in 2006 with $1.2 million in seed capital funding. Accel Partners is a vc firm that has been around for 25 years.

Dapper does have a few competitors, one of which is OpenKapow.

Dapper is a rather new startup which has innovative technologies in the internet advertising industry.