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March 17, 2009

Apture Secures $4.1 Million In Series A Venture Funding

Based in San Mateo, California, the publishing and blogging company, Apture secured $4.1 million in Series A funding from Clearstone Venture Partners.�� Apture is an innovative company that creates solutions that allow publishers and bloggers to turn ordinary drab web pages into a fun and interesting multimedia experience.�� Apture has an intersting beginning.� The actual inception of Apture came out of conversations with the Stanford Knight Fellows, which is a group of journalists from all over the world.� The main aim of this group is to improve online news media.� The Apture team was incited by these conversations and began to develop a rich and eclectic communication platform that would allow people for the first time to actually get fully immersed into the ideas they are reading about without ever leaving the page.� Now, Apture serves a whole host of publishers and bloggers across different verticals that want to easily integrate stunning media to their articles and quickly syndicate their content all over the internet.�

Clearstone Venture Partners is a vc firm that finances promising entrepreneurs in the earliest stages.� Clearstone is proud to invest in Apture and realize the goal of facilitating online publishers and bloggers to add a new media dimension to their websites.� According to Tristan Harris, Apture�s CEO and cofounder, working together with Clearstone Venture Partners is good for the company because Clearstone will help Apture realize their goal of allowing online publishers and bloggers to incorporate almost all different types of media into their blogs or articles.� As far as David Stern, Clearstone Partner, is concerned, Clearstone saw the great potential in Apture and Apture�s platform, which would actually change the entire internet experience for internet viewers.� Further more, Apture was even more validated by the interest in prominent publishers, such as Reuters, BBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times in Apture�s new platform.� This was another deciding factor for Clearstone to invest and incubate Apture from its very beginning.�

Clearstone Venture Partners is a leading vc firm that excels in early stage investing and company development in various industries.� The major industries that Clearstone focuses on are business and consumer internet within digital media, publishing and online advertising, mobile and communications, and enterprise and carrier technologies.� Clearstone takes pride in the success of the companies that it has incubated.� Past successes of Clearstone include Overture, which was later sold to Yahoo!, PayPal,, and Netzero.��

Clearstone Venture Partners has offices in Los Angeles and Slicon Valley, California and in Mumbai, India.