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January 7, 2009

Anaphore, Inc. To Receive $25 Million In Venture Capital

Anaphore, Inc. announced that it received $25 million in Series A vc funding from 5AM Ventures, Versant Ventures, and Apposite Capital. Anaphore is based in La Jolla, California and is a company that develops protein based drugs to cure cancer and immune mediated diseases. This funding will go to forward research in enhancing the development of TrimerX. TrimerX is a novel drug that is a new class in protein therapeutics. This drug is developed from a fully human serum protein. This drug provides multiple approaches to generate Atrimers, therapeutics with biological manufacturing and comercial advantages over conventional drugs such as antibiotics.

Anaphore brings together a highly experienced management to drive its progress in this industry. The company�s CEO is Katherine Bowdish, Ph.D. and Anaphore has also appointed Bruce Steel as the company�s chief business officer. The company�s board of directors is lead by Andy Schwab, who is the cofounder and managing partner of 5AM Ventures. The board also includes Brad Bolzon, Ph.D., Managing Director of Versant Capital; Chris Hollowood of Apposite Capital, Steve Kaldor, Ph.D. President and CEO of Ambrx; and others. According to Dr. Bowdish, the venture funding will take the company out for over two years, depending on how much partnering Anaphore can do. This funding will help the company by supporting the work the company has done up to now on a validated and innovative platform that can have great potential in the future to create a great number of solutions in several therapeutic areas. Dr. Bowdish also believes that the TrimerX platform has great value and the Atrimers that Anaphore is developing will significantly improve the outcomes of many patients with critical diseases.

5AM Ventures was founded in 2002 and makes seed and early stage investments in 21st century life sciences companies. The vc firm was formed by successful executives and seasoned venture capitalists. The vc firm�s portfolio is made up of diverse platforms and spin offs of different bio technical and pharmaceutical companies. 5AM also invests in companies that are developing near-term products. 5AM has over $200 million in venture funding under management and has invested in ove3r 20 companies throughout the past five years.

Versant Ventures is mainly focused on early stage companies in the healthcare and medical device industry. Versant Ventures investments also include bio technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, etc. The vc firm was founded in 1999 and consists of twelve managing directors ho have more than 130 years of vc investing experience. The vc firm has $1.6 billion under its management and raised its fourth fund in 2008. Versant currently manages over 75 companies in its portfolio.

Founded in 2006, Apposite Capital is a vc firm that finances solely companies in the healthcare and life science industries. Apposite mainly invests in privately owned companies and has an in-depth sector knowledge of the healthcare industry. The vc firm is global moreover has an unrivaled reach as far as Japan. The team running Apposite Capital combines entrepreneurial, private equity, and investment banking skills and has built a portfolio in the United States and Europe. Apposite Capital funds companies that have seasoned management and are committed to increasing the value of their companies portfolio. The vc firm has a reputation in leading venture funding and has a representation at the board of directors of the companies that Apposite Capital invests in.