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February 11, 2009

AlertEnterprise secures $8 million in venture capital funding

Security innovator, AlertEnterprise has received $8 million in venture capital funding in February of 2009. Opus Capital is the venture capital firm that has awarded this funding to AlertEnterprise to continue funding the marketing of their online security solutions. Opus Capital has invested in AlertEnterprise with the $8 million of series A financing.

Why are investors attracted to AlertEnterprise? AlertEnterprise is a fast growing company which markets and produces creative security solutions for internet portals to protect them from cyber intrusions.

AlertEnterprise flagship product is AlertAccess and AlertAction. These two programs actually monitor the servers for potential threats and provides real-time action to deal with these potential threats. The way this system works is by automatically monitoring IT access and applications.

In 2008 AlertEnterprise has won the prestigious SAP Demo Jam Competition with its AlertAction program. AlertEnterprise is the start up founded by the same group that founded the software compliance firm, Virsa Systems. Only 18 months old, AlertEnterprise has lead the way as the group's latest project after Virsa was bought by SAP AG. In 2006, SAP AG had bought Virsa for $400 million.

Opus Capital Group is a vc firm that has over $1 billion dollars committed under management. Opus Capital Group is a firm that is dedicated to the success of new corporations. Opus was founded in 1971 and since then its venture capital funds have financed over 350 different companies spanning a whole array of different industries. Everything that Opus Capital Group does is to emphasize the long term success of companies it finances. Opus has leaded a team that has helped over 80 different companies in the United States and Israel.

The greatest promise that AlertEnterprise offers is that it is meeting the needs of businesses to protect their IT applications. Businesses need to be constantly vigilant to both physical and IT access threats. Some of these threats may look like nothing by themselves, however, when grouped together these threats can pose a problem for businesses. AlertEnterprise has solutions that can link all areas of IT access for its clients IT applications. The financing from Opus Capital Group will help AlertEnterprise develop its software to prevent fraud, malicious activity, or even human error by automation of prevention, detection and remediation of both physical and IT security threats.

This round of venture funding will help AlertEnterprise to keep up with the growing number of sales and the growing demand for both physical and IT security.

Ken Elefant, a general partner of Opus Capital Group stated that he and Opus Capital have been evaluating the security and compliance industry for quite a while and AlertEnterprise has clearly stood out from other firms. AlertEnterprises has an effective management team along with innovative technology that solves real problems. The venture funding will help AlertEnterprises in the future to continue its growth in the security and compliance industry.