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January 11, 2012

The Business Plan is the Key to Building a Business

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Did you know that you need to lay out your method of action for your business when you build your business? That’s right, before you can even think of contacting investors, you need to build an effective business plan that has your plan of action all laid out in clear steps for the investor to be able to understand.

Click here to download the Business Plan Templates and here you can download the Venture Capital investors and Angel investors Database!

Did you know that people can pay enormous amounts of money to have a successful business plan designed by professionals who specialize in making an effective business plan that can win investors over to your venture. Some people pay over $25,000 for such a plan and sometimes even more. Now, however, you can do these business plans yourself for a lot less money.

That’s right, click here and find a whole assortment of business plan templates for seeking venture capital, angel capital, debt capital, and grants. Doing a business plan has several components which are are important to pay close attention to.

The first thing you need to have in your business plan is your company name, your business model, your milestones, competition analysis and the amount of funding that you are seeking. All these aspects are very important and it is equally important that all of these aspects are done correctly, so the investors get the perception that you have experience and your management has the experience in your industry. Along with the above mentioned information, your business plan should also contain your biography and the biographies of everyone on the executive and management teams and of your legal counsel as well.

Wow, that’s quite involved, isn’t it? Yes, it is and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can make some serious mistakes and that’s why Growthink has created a series of templates for different kinds of business plans at much less cost than what you would pay for those experts to do the business plan for you.

Now, that you have your business plan, you can work on finding investors using the VCgate Venture Capital Database. However, do keep in mind that you do not show your business plan as the first thing when you meet the investor or when you send the first email to him. Your business plan should have a stand alone document which concisely summarizes your business plan. This document is known as the executive summary and its main objective is to get you in front of a serious investor. Along with the executive summary, your business plan should also include a slide presentation made with a presentations software application such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. This presentation does not cover all the trade secrets that are in your full business plan, but provides more information to the investor than the executive summary does. The slide presentation should also be concise and should explain to the investor the highlights of your business plan plus some extra details that your executive summary does not cover. Your slide presentation should be no more than ten slides and the text should be big enough to be viewed and easily read by the investors and their associates in a meeting room.

Click here to get Growthink’s Business Plan Templates and download the VCgate Venture Capital Database!

The Growthink Business Plan Templates have everything you need to make an effective business plan that can raise you millions of dollars in capital that is much needed for your company.

All the best and good luck,



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