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September 4, 2011

The Top 10 Questions You Should Answer During your VC Presentation

Your slide show should be concise since your presentation is only going to last between 20 and 30 minutes.
However, make sure you are prepared to answer questions concerning your company. Remember, know thyself.

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The 10 important questions you need to answer during your presentation:

  1. What is it that you do? Explain thoroughly what your company does.
  2. What is the growth rate? You should be able to answer the stage: seed, early, or late.
  3. What is that makes your company able to succeed? This is probably the most important point of where your business lies. What makes your company better than others to serve your customer needs? Items discussed could be your management team, partnerships, proprietary technology or any combination of these.
  4. Your company satisfies which market need? Show evidence based on third-party research why the market you are targeting needs what you have to offer. What is it that your customers purchase or say they would, and what have you been told they will purchase if they had the opportunity?
  5. Who are your competitors in the market? Show independent market research here to show your target customer and where these customers live.
  6. What revenue sources do you have? This is where you lay your revenue sources out, which include: advertising, direct customer purchases, and affiliate marketing, to name a few.
  7. Where and who are your greatest competition? You should know who your competitors are and also know both their weaknesses and strengths. What will you do in order to beat the competition and how can you set barriers surrounding your customer base? Keep in mind, competition can be defined as a service or product that can fill the same need that your company can.
  8. What are the qualifications of your management team and who are they? You need to show the investors the reason your management team is their most reliable bet. How long have your worked together? Has your team members shown success in growing companies?
  9. What are the company’s past as well as future milestones? This is where you want to give a storyline of your business. Start from the past or beginning and then work up to the present day as well as into the future. Give a guideline as to when key produces or services will be developed, show when partnerships will be formed, when a service or services will be available to the public, when marketing plans will be implemented, and when milestones in revenue will be realized.
  10. What kind of money do you need? When speaking with investors they want to know about returns for the short and long term, keep this in mind when you explain the capital you need. Explain to them why it is a good investment that will pay off.

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