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May 11, 2011

How can you Add Value to your Business with Valuable Design?

Regardless of the sector you are activating in, it is very likely for you to also have competition, even if your business idea is bran new. This is why you should think about all the elements you can use to your advantage in order to add value to your business and attract more clients. One of the very important elements entrepreneur generally neglect is related to the design of their company.

Many entrepreneurs believe that having a logo is enough of a visual as to satisfy their clients as they are not activating in the design field. That is extremely wrong. The design associated with company makes clients trust you and persuades them to buy more. It also adds value to your business as a good looking ad will not only make them buy your product, but it will also make clients remember your company’s name and the one of your product for a long time, making them thus become constant clients.

Click here to download our list of investors for FREE! <= The report released by the Design Council has announced that the statistic show that a relevant and interesting design is generally responsible for persuading a person to buy a certain product. It also says that spending £100 on design can guarantee you an increase of turnover by £225. The worrying part is that only 30% of businesses believe that the eye-catching design they have used is responsible for their success. But, if we are looking at the figures from the last year’s report, we can understand that the amount of entrepreneurs who believe in the importance of design has doubled, meaning that more and more business persons are becoming aware of the importance of this element in the growth of their companies. You are maybe asking yourself why design is so important for your company. First of all, because it makes it look professional. Behind any design there’s a brief which states the most important aspects your company is concerned with. This helps the art director generate an image that looks accordingly to your company’s profile, helping the consumer understand at first sight what are you offering and which is the quality of your products. Moreover, a proper design will make your company look alive and current. Just imagine that, if your website’s design looks just like it used to look five years ago, when potential clients will browse it, they will most probably think that you are out of business, so they will never pay any interest in your products and they will probably never become costumers. But, using new, professional and eye-catching visuals for all the materials by the means of which you interact with your clients will persuade them into buying your products, browsing your website for novelty, spreading the word-of-mouth, becoming thus constant clients and helping you increase your customer’s network without any difficulties. This can generate sales, the increase of the turnover and a rapid growth of your company. Interesting and good looking design is a real and important way of adding value to your business! Click here to download our list of investors for FREE! <=


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