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April 10, 2011

How to Create the Right Venture Capital List

Most entrepreneurs want to raise venture capital, but they go about it the wrong way…. Want to do it right? Check out this free video presentation…

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#1 Secret to Raising Venture Capital? <==== One critical ingredient of raising venture capital is your “list” of VC firms. In order to be successful finding funds, you have to have a wide net and know where to cast it. Experts will tell you that asking the right firms for capital will be just as important as your pitch to them. This is why it is extremely important to create a list of different VC firms to grow your business. You can do this yourself, but there are companies out there that will sell you lists. If you look online there are companies like; Growthink University and the National Venture Capital Association that can provide the necessary VCs. However, with a little hard work you can do this on your own. Always remember that the Internet is your friend when it comes to building venture capital firm lists. Utilizing the search engines will be enough, but after you have a long list it will be time to dwindle them down a bit. Start out by looking for the venture capitalists that are close in proximity to you and your business. We wouldn't recommend moving outside a 200 mile radius. This should narrow the number down tremendously. The next step is researching the type of sectors that each venture capitalist likes to invest in the most. The majority of them will have specialties, and you're more likely to get funded from one that knows your industry. Also consider the stage of business they will invest in, which means you need to know how far along your business, is right now. Try to find some venture capitalist firms that invest in the same area. Now that your list has a strong foundation it should contain information on the partners of those firms. You can find this information on the websites. Look for the ones that offer similar backgrounds to you or they have plenty of experience in the industry. It's possible that you just found the best choice. We also recommend taking the time to look over existing portfolios of the company. It's possible that they've already given similar companies funding, which is great news for you. Plus, if your business complements one of theirs it will work in your favor. Keep in mind; you want the right amount of capital, so it will be important to look at their typical investment amounts. If their investment and fund size is too large it's possible they won't invest in smaller companies. In the end, you have to find funders in order to find funding. Use those creative research skills and identify the most likely candidates. Most companies don't find a perfect match, but if you do more work on the front end you will have an easier time securing capital. Here's to your success! click here to watch free video presentation: #1 Secret to Raising Venture Capital? <====


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