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April 4, 2011

Business Plans Made Easy: 3 Questions to Ask

A business plan is a significant piece of your presentation material when you are seeking funds to get your new business off the ground. This is what you will use to approach venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel investors. When you convince investors to take a second look at your company they will need to look at your business plan. Keeping these people interested in the company is paramount and they will eventually read the complete business plan. How you present your company when you create your business plan will affect how potential investors view the potential growth of the company and you as well.

Before equity capitalists better known, as venture capitalists will pump money into your enterprise they will want to examine the plan for a range of specific information about the company. Particular information they are looking for includes how the company is poised to grow, preferably quickly which will lead to a payout or smooth “exit” for the investor.

Click here to download your business plan template <==== A good business plan will include consumer analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, company analysis, executive summary, description of your management team, a very important financial plan and finally the appendix, which will include supporting material for all of the above. (Full descriptions of proprietary technology, charts, illustrations etc...) While all of this sounds overwhelming, you can make it simpler. Start by answering these three specific questions within your business plan: 1. Is there a Market Need for My Company? Who are your customers and what do they need? In other words, where is the “pain”? You want to show that your company fits the bill when it comes to these issues, and your business plan should show that. Include any evidence you have that will prove without a doubt that people are screaming for what you have to offer. This information will create more confidence that you company has the potential to grow quickly. 2. Is the Management Team Geared for Success? A genius business idea is not all you will need to win your argument. You and your management team must have a track record of accomplishment and experience. Focus on members of your team who have been successful in other growing companies, particularly those who were in the same growth phase your company is in. For example research and development, start-up, product release, hiring phase, revenue and advanced phases. 3. Are the pro forma financial statements realistic, based on verifiable data and comprehensive? Pro forma financial statements are a financial prediction basically, and are important when it comes to presenting your business to perceptive investors. This is a great place to present and verify how realistic your business plan is as a whole. Consider the business plan guide from Growthink: “The amounts used in this section of the business plan naturally flow from analyzing each separate section of the plan” Click here to download your business plan template <====


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