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March 30, 2011

Trends in Venture Capital: Biomass, Mobile Games and Renewable Energy

There are obvious trends on the investment market each year and there plenty of specialists that are analyzing these tendencies as for entrepreneurs worldwide to find it easier to apply for external funding. Even though there are preferred fields of interest that draw the attention of angel investors and venture capitalists faster than others, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to attract funding for your company if you have a different field of activity than the ones stated by the specialists as being the major investment focuses during a specific year.

Click here to download your investors database! <==== It is widely known that investors seem to be more attracted by the fields of mobile technology, digital media, social media services, computer games and applications, cloud computing, renewable energy, life sciences, biomass and life care this year. The major investments that have been made from the beginning of 2011 show us that these fields are very likely to attract big venture capital funds. For example, Nexterra raised $15millions in equity funding for its saving electric energy losses project. Their business idea is addressing especially to large consumers worldwide, such as government buildings, hospitals, schools and universities and other industrial businesses. The idea behind their project is that of using a biomass gasification system in order to generate the heat and power-on-site. As the system has a very low level of emissions and a high degree of flexibility, it is a lot more efficient in the urban spaces. This system can revolute the electric energy market and can, widely used, substantially reduce the price of electricity. Ravio Mobile Ltd. has managed to raise $42 million in the series A financing round at the beginning of this month. Their Angry Birds game spread wider and wider on the market, turning out to be a very successful project nobody has seen coming. The game is already available on the iPhone, but the producers want to adapt it to more types of devices. They have already developed a plush toys line and they want to invest in creating more products related to the Angry Bird game. The funds obtained through venture capital investments will also be used in order to enlarge the scope of interest of a wider category of customers which will ensure them a rapid growth in revenues. Harvest Power raised $51.7 million for turning yard and food waste into methane, the principle element of natural gas. The renewable energy companies tend to become more and more searched by investors as the natural resources tend to wear out. The Harvest Power Company expects their business to grow incredibly fast as the need for renewable energy in very high on the contemporary market. They are actually expecting revenues of over $100 million this year. Click here to download your investors database! <==== Do you think that you business idea can be as successful as the ones of these companies? In this case, you should not waste any other minute in making it real because the competition can easily get ahead meanwhile. What you need to do in order to turn your business into a successful company is to raise the needed initial capital as to be able to grow your business. By downloading our software, you will have direct access to more than 5100 investors worldwide and this can guarantee you turning your business into a success. Our database contains the direct email feature towards more than 15000 investors and provides you accurate data about the funding history of investors which will help you find the needed investor faster. If you are interested in finding funds for a biomass, mobile technology or renewable energy business, our database will provide you data about more than 2000 investors who are looking forward to hearing about innovating business idea.


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