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March 17, 2011

The Smart Way to Create a Business Which Will Survive

Have you ever wondered how many start-ups are registered throughout the year all over the world? Even more important, have you ever wondered how many of them last for more than one year? Well, the numbers can be rather impressive. The question on everybody’s mind must be why don’t they survive?

Well, the answers can be rather diverse. They can refer to the lack of initial capital, to bad management, to the lack of demand on the market, to the wrong accomplishment of the business plan or, even, sometimes, to the lack of the business plan. But all these potential factors can be summed up in just one phrase – the lack of added value. Businesses are not just about money, but about people. Creating a business that will bring you a decent income is not as difficult as it may seem. But, creating a brand that will speak to people around the world is a bit more complicated. Because it has to do with the efforts you are willing to make in order to add more value to your company. You are maybe wondering how you could do that.

Click here to download our database of investors now <==== Here are just a few strategies that could help you add value to your business, which will help you turn more customers into faithful clients and, eventually, increase your profits substantially:

  • Try to do your best when thinking about the necessity of your product on the market. If you come up with a new product, give all your resources in order to make it the best.
  • Hire the best persons on the market. Even if they will require higher salaries, they will bring more and faster results. They will also help you gain the trust of your customers and build a high-quality brand which will bring sales by its reputation.
  • Focus on novelty and on perpetual innovation of your offer. Everything can become better and, if you never stop investing in your product, you will manage to always stay on top of the market.
  • Try to establish a true, vivid connection with your customers. You can establish that through special trainings offered to your sales people, through direct communication and through internet networks based on mutual confidence. A strategy you can apply in order to add value to your products is to create a website on which people can post without editing. This will increase customer’s trust as you show you are not afraid of the possibility of bad reviews.
  • Apply a new type of marketing, the one which is based on added value, on meaning, rather than the traditional type of marketing that no longer has any kind of results on a jaded client. Create a smart pitch in which to explain your customers why you are the best and why they should buy from you. Your call-to-action should be simple and really based on the characteristics that make your company special.
  • Stay away of the cutting down the prices policy as it will only make customers doubt the quality of your products. This strategy can only be applied rarely and only after a careful analysis of the market and of the desires of the buyers.

Just click here to download our database of investors <==== So, if you are an entrepreneur willing to start-up his own company, try not to think only about future money gains, but also about the persons you are addressing to. Understanding your customers and making everything possible in order to satisfy their needs are the only things that can make your business survive today. This actually means taking care about adding value to your products more than about adding money to your pocket.


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