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February 13, 2011

$41,5 million that you could have gotten

Companies that can prove they have potential and which are able to find the right investors usually get what they want: funding. Three companies have gotten $41,5 million that could have been yours. These companies are:




They were not lucky, they were just smart. In the venture capital world there is little that has to do with luck, it all has to do with taking action and I will reveal how you can be smart and take action to get your fair share of the available funding out there, but first let`s see what these companies are all about.

Freespee is a relatively new company that was started in 2008 and which provides call tracking and pay-per-call solutions for the so-called lead generation industry. Freespee was previously funded with €800000 but now they decided they could expand their growth in Europe and convinced Finland`s Inventure to invest another €1,1 million. The company has 16 employees and thanks to this investment, their future is pretty bright.

Meraki is a fast growing company that just announced getting $15 million of venture capital funding in a Series C funding round led by Sequoia Capital. They are in the cloud networking business and launched new products like routers, traffic shapers, firewalls and location services. In total they managed to attract $40 million in venture capital funding. That is enough to get any company on the right track.

Control4 has a product of the future: operating systems for smart homes. They are in the home automation business and they have partnered with the biggest brands in consumer electronics. They are ambitious also, they just closed a $15 million founding round and are going for a $25 million funding round led by Frazier Technology Ventures, vSpring Capital and Thomas Venture partners. This Salt Lake City- based company really knew how to find the right investors and prove that they can make it big.

They did it, but how can you? By finding the right investor for your business. How?

We`ve got you covered.

We created a full directory of more than 4700+ venture capital firms, private equity firms and angel investors, the same ones that you see giving money away to these companies we are always talking about.

Wait, it gets better.

We created an advanced search engine that lets you search a certain investment firm based on the type of business it prefers, the location, the preferred funding stage and the amount of money you want to get. Moreover, you can create custom lists and email investors directly from the software.

This is the type of software that can help you get all the funding you want in record time.

And we let you try it for free. That`s right.

Go to our website <==== to find out more about the software and try the free trial version <==== right now. You will definitely not regret it.


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