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January 16, 2011

$240 million you could have gotten

Just while you were minding your own business and thought you were doing the best you can, these companies raised $240 million in venture capital:

  • ECOtality
  • Adknowledge
  • BeachMint
  • Civitas Therapeutics

The CEOs of these companies have only one thing in common. They knew that getting funding was the shortcut to success.

What are the companies about?

Ecotality a company from San Francisco is a leader in clean electric transportation, a thing of the future, and managed to raise $10 million from ABB Inc. Ecotality received something even more important than money: the support of ABB, Inc a leader in automation and power tech, which from now on will work closely with ECOtality and amazing results are expected. Ecotality will use the money to expand and finance their technical requirements.

Adknowledge receive a staggering $200 million (what would you do with that kind of funding?) from JMI Equity. Adknowledge from Kansas City, Missouri is a market leader in long tail advertising and also got additional debt capital from Bank of America. This is the perfect example that even a big successful company can grow even more if the right funds are available.

Civitas Therapeutics got $20 million in a Series A Funding Round to develop pulmonary therapies for pulmonary diseases and Parkinson’s disease. Longitude Capital led the funding round but other companies joined. The CEO of Civitas has declared that having this group of investors by his side will provide knowledge and experience in the product development stage. Finding the right investor is invaluable sometimes.

What about BeachMint?

BeachMint based in Santa Monica, California was created by the cofounder of MySpace and got $10 million form three investors, Trinity Ventures, Stanford, NEA and Anthem Ventures. BeachMint is a social commerce company that allows women to look and choose their preferred fashion styles.

Did some of these entrepreneurs have a head start because they had connections with investors? Probably, but you can do even better. Notice how all the companies found investors from their industry who are more than willing to help with knowledge and advice.

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