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January 6, 2011

10 Questions You Should Answer When Giving Your VC Presentation

Because your presentation is only going to take about 20 to 30 minutes, you have very little time; because of that, you need to be as succinct as possible. Be prepared answer any questions that may be asked about your company.

Click here to learn how to present your project to Venture Capitalists <==== Or, stay here and read about the 10 questions that you should answer during your presentation: 1. Your purpose? What does your company do? Be precise and concise. 2. Where are you in terms of growth? Are you just getting started, in the early stages, or well established? 3. Why is your company the one that will succeed? This is the key question to answer. Why is your company, above any other, the right one for customers to use? It could be, for example, that your technology is proprietary, it could be that you have a top-notch management team, it could be because of "who you know" in terms of who you are partnering with, or something else. 4. What's your market, and what need do you satisfy? Use third-party research from your industry to show just why and how you meet the needs of your target market. What do your customers buy from you currently? What would they buy if you could provide it? 5. Who is your target customer? Again, using independent market research, find out who your target customer is, and if applicable, where they live. 6. Where do you get your revenues? Detail all of your key revenue sources, including that which comes from advertising, affiliate marketing, direct customer buys, and so on. 7. Who's your competition? Not only should you detail who your competitors are, but their strengths and weaknesses as well. Discuss how you're going to overcome the competition, and protect your customer base. "Competition" describes any company, service or product that directly competes with what you do and the customer needs you fulfill. 8. What are the qualifications of management team members -- and who are they? Investors need to know more about you than just that you have a top-notch product or service. Why is your management team reliable? Do you have long serving team members? Does your management team have a good track record in establishing or growing companies? 9. What are your accomplishments of the past, and what are your goals for the present and future? With this, you want to chronologically tell the story of your business, from the beginning. Describe what's happened in the past, what you're working on now, and your goals for the future, including key product developments, strategic partnership establishments, marketing alliances to be established in the future, future revenue goals, and so on. 10. How much money do you want investors to give you? Put yourself in your investors' shoes. They want big returns for short-term investments. Therefore, when you're talking about how much capital you want from them, put it in "return on investment" terms that they're going to understand. What can they expect to get from their investment? Lay out the realistic financial considerations that underlie your reasoning. Spell everything out.. Click here to watch free video presentation and learn more about how to present your project to Venture Capital investors <==== All the best, Amir


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