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November 10, 2010

How to avoid the pitfalls of a poor business plan

Did you know that in order to have any success in winning your investment, you need to have a strong and convincing business plan. The business plan is very important for your company. Why is the business plan so important? The business plan is the road-map of your business and how your company functions. It shows everything you have and how you plan to corner the market in your sector.

Though the business plan is the most important part about your company, it’s not the first thing that you show prospective investors. Do not show your entire business plan. To begin with, it will be way too much information that you will bombard the investor with and he will loose interest in you or think that you are too pushy. Furthermore, showing your full business plan can also jeopardize your investment, because if your competitor’s investors happen to see your business plan and see what patents, intellectual property, or other trade secrets that are contained in your business plan, you will be at a great disadvantage. In fact in most cases, you should email your investors a teaser email with some small information about your company that might get them interested. Some other investors will want to see your executive summary. This is a stand alone document that is part of your business plan.

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You know that making a business plan is not an easy thing to do, so if you are one of those many entrepreneurs who are struggling to make a successful and effective business plan, today is your lucky day. You know that investors can be very picky about how you present your business plan and your executive summary. Did you know that there are a number of different templates that you can get to make the perfect business plan?

Download your business plan template HERE now!

Need a plan to raise debt capital? Perhaps you are looking for capital from an angel investor or a venture capitalist. All these different kinds of capital and investors require different kinds of business plans. In most cases a business plan can be quite involved, so if you are not experienced in making a business plan, these templates would be the right thing for you.

2011 can be a great year for you. It’s all in the plan. The business plan means everything. In difficult times, investors are very careful in how they invest. If you have a sound and convincing business plan, you will more than likely get the funding you need. The Ultimate Business Plan Templates that are provided by your friends at Growthink University are proven templates which many entrepreneurs swear by and use all the time to make their business plans.

Download your business plan template HERE!

After you use the VCgate investors Database to send the teaser email to the investors of your industry and you get a response from that investor, you can send them your business plan that you were able to create for only one dollar.

The new VCgate database is user-friendly and it also enables you to send your emails to business investors using the simple one-click e-mailing system. Furthermore, the desired business partners can now be selected not only considering their stage preference, industry preference or geographic location. The new feature also allows you make your customized lists of investors taking into account a very important selection criteria-the minimum and the maximum size of funds every investors provides to the chosen companies. Save time and money and use the reliable, up-to-date information that will guide you to the right investor in no time. The largest global directory of business investors is customizable, economical, and, what is most important – is the perfect tool for any type of entrepreneur. Try it now!



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