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November 10, 2010

Find an investor whose stage preferences match your company

Many people have been wondering whether our service is for companies in all stages or just for startups. The fact is that we have something for everyone and you can choose an investor according to the phase of your company, which is known as a stage in a company’s life and the preference that an investor has in a particular company’s stage is known as a stage preference.

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There are various stages that a company goes through before its liquidation stage, when the investors cash in. Stages start from seed all the way to IPO – Initial Public Offering.

Seed Stage is the very first stage of a company. Seed stage is usually the stage of a company that is just beginning and may not have a product prototype yet.

Early Stage is the stage that describes a company that is still in its formative phase. At this stage, a company may have a product prototype or may be developing its prototype. Early stage or startup stage is usually divided by different funding series. These series are series A and B.

Series A is usually the first round of funding in early stage funding. This round of funding is usually earmarked for getting the product or service prototype developed and prepared for mass production or implementation.

Series B basically describes a round of early stage funding that is earmarked for companies who already have a fully developed prototype and is at the stage where their product prototype can be manufactured. This funding round usually provides the capital to hire more staff and workers, prepare facilities for mass production, and finally allow the company to open for business.

Growth or Expansion Stage is usually referred to companies who are already established and already have a client flow and revenue coming in. When a company reaches this stage, it is usually already doing well and wants to expand into different markets.

Liquidation Stage is usually the phase of a company’s life where the investors make their exit and cash in on their investments. Liquidation can be divided into different kinds of stages, such as mezzanine stage, managed buyouts, and leveraged buyouts.

Mezzanine Stage is a stage that a company goes through as it prepares itself for an initial public offering (IPO), going to have its shares publicly traded in the Stock Exchange.

Managed Buyouts are usually when the management of a company works together with investors or the management of other larger companies to buy that company.

Leveraged Buyouts are when investors who have a controlling share in the company leverage the buyout of a company.

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VCgate and download the database, you can get the resources and find investors who invest in companies that are in all stages.

You can find investors whose preferences match your company’s stages along with other important preferences by simply downloading the VCgate Venture Capital, Angel Investor & Private Investor Database. Provided you have an effective business plan and the determination to be a successful entrepreneur, you can find investors quickly without the tedious networking through the world of social networks, such as Linkedin and Facebook.

The unique features of the updated VCgate software include the possibility to select investors according to industry preference or to the mimimum and maximum amount of money provided. Having access to the largest database of over 4,600 investors worldwide you will increase your chances of getting funded. VCgate contains even the contact details of those investors who do not advertise their services otherwise, the so-called “secret investors”. More than that, you will have instant access not only to venture capitalists and angel investors, but also to important management team members, that is, over 15,000+ useful contacts.

Give it a try, If you choose to buy the full version, you can get a refund within seven days if you are not satisfied GUARANTEED, just reply to this email if you are not fully satisfied and I will process the full refund.

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Note, that VCgate also provides resources for those of you who are entrepreneurs who deal with real estate too.

All the best,

VCgate Staff,


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