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November 3, 2010

See the New VCgate!

I’ve got good news for you! VCgate just got better. You don’t get access to 4,300 investors anymore. Nope! It got bigger and even better!

Click here to download the new VCgate Venture Capital Database!

How many investors do you have access to now? Well, get ready for this! The new VCgate Venture Capital Database has been updated and you now have access to over 4,500 business investors and over 15,000 management team members to broaden your search for the right investor for your company.

Here is how it works. You click on the find tab of the database interface and enter what investors you are searching for and on the first field, check the boxes by either anywhere, name, etc. Then you will do the same in the Investor field. Here you check the boxes according to all the investors you are looking for. You can either to check any investor, which will automatically check all the boxes. Then you can search for either private investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity firms, or business lenders by clicking the appropriate boxes. Checking individual searches can narrow your search. You could narrow your search to only one or two types of investors according to what you are looking for.

Below the investor field, you will find the Stage field, which can allow you to find investors according to the stage preference that you are looking for. You can either check all stages, which will automatically check all the boxes in the stage field, or you can narrow your search down by checking on select boxes in the field according the stage preference you are looking for. You can choose from expansion, mezzanine, MBO, restructuring, restructuring, seed, and more.

You can also do the same with what amount of funding you are looking for and more. Once you have narrowed your search, you can click on the find button. This will take you to the list page and you will see two lists. You will see the list of all the investors and the list of investors that is more according to your search. The narrowed search will appear on the top of the general list. This is the list that you might want to look at first. The general list has all the investors in the entire directory.

All you need to do is to select the investors you want to contact and you can send emails directly to them through the database by using a client email system. You can also select an individual investor and see which partners are with that firm. By clicking on the management team details button and you will see a pop-up window appear with a series of tabs showing the address of the investment firm and then you can also find the individual partners and their emails if they are listed. You can also write comments about that particular investment firm.

The point is that now is the time to buy the VCgate Venture Capital Database! You’ve got more things to benefit from than ever before!

Click here to download the new version of the VCgate Venture Capital Database!

There are more great benefits to the new VCgate Venture Capital Database and you can explore it all by trying it out first. Keep note that the free trial gives you access to over 55 investors and this can allow you to try it out before you get the full version.

PS. It’s time to take the plunge so, let’s get started before your competitors do, Ok.

All the best and good luck!



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