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November 1, 2010

Advantages of the New VCgate Software

Difficult and costly to find investors? Lost so much time and effort with no positive outcome? Well, this will happen no more because we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out our new VCgate Software and you will find its advantages. Download the VCgate Free Trial Version now and find out how simple and easy everything can be for you. You will regret not trying it earlier.

Now, let’s see, step by step, what the New VCgate Version has to offer to you.

First of all, the downloading is easy and fast. Just save it onto your computer and install it. Then, you can see its nicer, cleaner and more professional interface. Secondly, you can find that you have more search criteria and this will enable you to find exactly what you need and don’t lose time with an ineffective search.

Afraid that you will not find investors in your country? Don’t worry; we’ve got more countries for you to choose from. Furthermore, don’t worry about the industry either, because there are listed all the industries and type of businesses that you can think of.

Then, you can see that the information is more up-to-date and more accurate. This is a great advantage because you don’t want to send useless emails or make phone calls that can become a stress to you. Moreover, send your potential investors and email directly from the software’s interface. With the new version it’s so much easier and time effective.

Also, maybe you want to make a custom list for further use. No problem. Just export your preferred list of investors into Excel or other formats and use it when you want.

Furthermore, updating your database every now is very easy. Certainly new money is expecting you and you don’t want to miss it. We help you do this also because you have free updates for the first year. Also, check out our newsletters and the website’s newest information on the market about investing. We’ve got professionals that help you all the way through.

Need support? We are here for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and comments.

Everything from the interface to the email sending is better structured, simpler. And it’s only $97, so add cheap to your list of advantages.

All these being said, this is not something you want to give up without trying at least. This is why we are giving you the opportunity to download the Free VCgate Trial Version and to see it for yourself. More than this, after you purchase the database, we give you a 7 day period to try it and contact investors that you will not locate in any other place. If you still don’t like it, we will give you your full money back. No risks involved, no worries, just a win situation for you.

So, let’s get you started and find you the right investor and the money that you need to start off! Sit back and relax and let the money come to you!


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