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October 15, 2010

3 Wise Steps to a Lucrative Business Plan

Are you still looking for the shortcut from planning to execution? Well, it’s surely not among the pile of the business plan drafts you have been re-editing for ages…

Do you want to finish your business plan NOW? Click here to use the proven template that has brought more than 2000 entrepreneurs the capital they needed for their business.

Writing a business plan can take a lot of time and resources and this is the main reason why most would-be entrepreneurs give up their ideas. Some of them get to finish the plan, but they realize the market changes that have occurred meanwhile force them to make significant changes or – even worse – they need new, updated research data, a scenario which is very possible. Others fail to obtain the necessary capital as their business plan did not prove the company’s chances to generate good revenue. Investors turned them down, but the reason is still not clear. What part of the plan was not suitable? What mistake made them reject the proposal? And so they’re still stuck in reverse.

You can avoid the above detailed scenarios and many others that are likely to ruin the whole initiative, as long as you efficiently use your time to create and finish a business plan that demonstrates you are qualified to succeed.

Question1: Why Would I Need a Template?

Do you prefer to waste your time searching for and reading hundreds of business plan models in an exhausting attempt to find the one that best suits your business? What if you wisely use your time for building the sections of your plan which require market research, surveys, case studies, real data and figures? A business plan template will help you carefully organize the collected data and finish your plan in only one day.

Question 2: How Would It Match My Business?

It has worked for more than 2000 existing clients and their different fields of activity, that is, over 500 industries. It has worked because the business plan template is editable and it can be easily personalized to match your company.

Question 3: How Would I Use It?

Stop doubting and as soon as you have finished downloading, start doing! There are three simple steps, once you have downloaded the template.

First of all, fill in the blanks with your company’s details as you go through each section of your business plan. There are 10 core sections that investors will be looking for. You have got the structure; all you need to do is to add information. It is the best way to avoid unnecessary details or a confusing sequence.

Secondly, give the cover page a professional look, make it will reflect your brand image.

Finally, have your template printed.

The whole process will take you less than 10 hours. With your business plan ready, you can start contacting investors.

You are now one step closer to getting the necessary funds. That is excellent news, you have successfully moved from planning to execution, while your competitors may still be looking for business plan models, asking friends to choose the best version, wasting precious time. You may have an unfair advantage, that is, your business plan template , but the final purpose is to have a great business vision and a lucrative business plan transformed into a successful enterprise that generates revenue and develops for the benefit of its target customers.


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