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October 11, 2010

Voxy – Learn a Language from Life

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 12:28 am

Voxy is a very modern and innovative way to learn languages, easy to use and fitting seamlessly into daily schedules. This language service works best for learners who are already quite fluent in the language, being actually a supplement.

What Voxy offers is an integrated platform that works on web and on your mobile phone. It uses real-world content of your choosing, which is made relevant and up-to-date.This content is converted into accessible lessons that are both fun and addictive and that can be learnt anywhere, anytime. It is a really unique approach, based on pedagogic theories of learning and motivation.

The Voxy method helps learners study more frequently, accelerating the process of learning by using suitable context. The adaptive system, which allows learners personalize their curriculum, transforms learning itself into an engaging interactive game. Voxy’s current focus is on teaching English and the students are US native Spanish-speakers. The plans to expand into new markets and languages will to reach billions of language learners worldwide.

In order to introduce new vocabulary as well as grammar rules, the content is scaled to the learner’s level of language, as Voxy translates some of the words and emphasizes those that are outside of comprehension. Progress is tracked with “streaks”, that is, the number of consecutive days when users take part in the service, and “words”, meaning the total number of new vocabulary items a learner has been able to master by using the language service. Points are also awarded for completing various challenges and for successfully finishing games through the site and app. User progress can be tracked against other Voxy users, transforming learning it into an extremely motivating competition.

Located in New York, Voxy is one of the start-ups that took part in the September edition of TechCrunch Disrupt Competition, 2010. In February 2010 Voxy received $600k in seed funding.

Voxy’s Founder and CEO, Paul Gollash, was born in Milwaukee. Later on he spent some time in Spain and South America, learning Spanish and Portuguese. Moreover, he worked in the venture capital for Virgin empire. He found these studying and working experiences fun, exciting and rewarding. Gollash stated that Voxy manages to combine media and language learning, being essentially about one thing, that is, communication.

Gregg Carey is the Co-Founder and Head of Product. Throughout his career Carey has worked with anthropologists in order to understand user behaviors, as well as with designers and developers worldwide, to transform a vision into reality. With the media company that he conceived and bootstrapped he succeeded in building an engaged community, hoping that Voxy would be a significant change in the way people learn languages.

To learn more about Voxy you can visit their website.


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