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October 11, 2010

A Strong Business Plan Secures VC Funds. Is Yours Eligible?

Venture Capital Funds are not easy to access. You are aware that more than 90 percent of entrepreneurs don’t succeed in obtaining the necessary capital due to a very simple reason: their business plans do not meet the requirements and expectations of business investors. Yes, that is true: after wasting their time and resources, some entrepreneurs fail to see their vision turning into reality and their business plans end up in the garbage bin. Ideas that could’ve been successful die due to the lack of ability to express them effectively. This will not be your case, since you are here now, reading this. You are lucky to be one of the entrepreneurs who will quickly create their professional business plan for only $1. Click here to access the business plan template that has helped more than 2000 entrepreneurs raise over $1 billion.

Did you know that the main reasons why companies fail are NOT connected to having a far-fetched vision or to hiring people that are too young and inexperienced? The main cause of failure is not having enough money to sustain your business through the complicated and unpredictable process of developing a company. And not having enough money means not having a good business plan.

How can you make sure that everything you have included in your business plan, from the executive summary to financial projections or competition analysis, is what potential investors want to see in order to provide you with the necessary funds? One little mistake, one slip of the pen and you can lose credibility. And the money as well.

You should not imagine that investors would ever spend hours or days reading business plans. That is impossible. Instead, they use their scrutinizing abilities and fast-reading skills, that is, their critical-flow radar, to decide whether your business is worth investing in. One simple mistake and they will lose interest. It will not take them more than one minute to evaluate your executive summary. With a foolproof text included, the Ultimate Business Plan Template will simply not allow any mistakes ruin your whole vision. It is true, you will benefit from an unfair advantage and you will raise money and succeed, but that is the aim of the creator of this business template, to see innovating ideas get off the ground and contribute to job creation and technology development.

How can a business plan template work for every entrepreneur? It’s because it is personalized and 97% of the business professionals, working in over 500 industries, who have already used it have been successful. Editing and personalizing the proven template will be extremely easy for you to do, it is just like successfully connecting the dots of a picture that you wouldn’t be able to properly draw yourself, with the same result – a perfect outline.
What are the advantages of using the business template? Your business plan is flawless, investor-oriented, and it also functions as a tool and a guide that will help you organize the business process, if you constantly update it; you save energy and time for speaking with potential investors and with your management team.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you can download business plan template to your computer and finish your business plan today.


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