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October 7, 2010

Developing Countries in Asia Prime for Investment!

Are you looking for new investments to make and are wondering where to invest your money? Well, I got good news for you! There are many new emerging markets all over the Asian markets. Ranging from the former Soviet republic of Georgia all the way to the Indian Subcontinent, these emerging markets are prime for foreign investment. You better hurry, though! Many investors are already seizing the opportunity!

Just hot off the presses is that ePlanet II Ventures has announced its investments in the Indian Subcontinent. Their recent investment in Auro Mira Energy was announced on October 6, 2010. The investors at the firm believe that India will be a leader in the green energy industry for the long term in the future. This is not all, however.

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In the August-September issue of, the emerging economy in Georgia is experiencing an amazing real estate boom! The development of Georgian real estate has been growing over 25% in the past year according to the article. Furthermore, with Georgian businessmen spending more money on new apartments and homes, the buying of property at discounted rates is on the rise, however, with many foreign investors investing in real estate in Georgia, the price of Georgian real estate is highly likely to rise. One great thing about the real estate boom in Georgia is that it is also boosting the financial and lending industry in Georgia also. With more people buying land and buildings, many foreign banks are making more loans to people in Georgia. Some major foreign banks are already having a good foothold in Georgia, including Ukraine’s PrivatBank, France’s Societe General, and Germany’s Pro Credit Bank, which also has branches in Armenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Mexico, and South America. Though investing in developing nations can provide amazing ROI, you should also pay attention to some of the risks involved. Developing countries with emerging economies also might have volatile political and social conditions. Furthermore, in today’s day and age, one never knows when the situation could change in any place. For this reason, you should always assess any risks with your investments before you make the initial investment.

The point is that all over Asia, there are emerging economies where you can invest little but triple your ROI. In the above two examples, you can clearly see how the emerging markets are growing fast in the two above mentioned regions. Adding to the real estate boom in Georgia, just last week, Donald Trump signed a deal with Georgia’s president Mikhail Saakashvili to build a Trump Tower in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi and in its resort town on the Black Sea, Batumi. The fact that a big figure, such as Donald Trump, investing in Georgia says it all.

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All the best and good luck!



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