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July 13, 2010

Speed up web development with Appcelerator

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 11:32 am

The birth of brilliant modern technology that can handle numerous applications on devices like Iphones, net books or Blackberries has created a sea of endless opportunities. Countless of application can and are being built right now all over the world. This is a long and hefty process and developers need a helping hand.

That is where Appcelerator comes in. This a successful start-up from California which helps developers to efficientize their activity by cutting development time in half, driving down development costs and helping them avoid vendor lock-in. All this will finally mean increased revenues for that certain developer. Appcelerator does this by providing open source development platforms for building internet, mobile and desktop application and if needed consultancy and design review. The Platform is called Titanium and has some noticeable features like an extensible Module API and built-in support for Linux. Moreover, it supports a large variety of programming language like Python, JavaScript besides the basic C++. The Titanium platform is open source, so you may also access the source code to the complete the application at any time for your own use.

The firm seems to have a large playground as the closest competitor is Gizmox the company behind the Visual WebGui platform, an older firm but which has developed in a smaller scale and has not received any funding yet.

The management team of Appcelerator is not to be overlooked. Jeff Haynie the co-founder and CEO of the company has an extensive experience in entrepreneurship, this is not his first start-up having worked as a CTO at eHatchery and has been a co-founder and CTO at Vocalocity. Nolan Wright the second co-founder has experience in engineering and product management, which he gained also at Vocalocity and Accenture. In charge with marketing, we find Scott Schwaezhoff, which was formerly a VP of marketing at Adeze and worked at HP and Microsoft.

The company was founded in the last quarter of 2007 and has grown rapidly hitting a market that has just began to find out how implementing and developing application can be a huge hit at the moment and in the future and shows no sign of slowing down. Even during the last period of economic difficulties, this market has been developing nicely and so did Appcelerator, which currently has 22 employees in two headquarters, one in Atlanta and one in California.

Appcelerator product is an alternative for more known products like the cross-platform AIR runtime from Adobe with which is still competing with.

The company has raised two rounds of funding, one in 2008 from Storm Ventures valued at $4.1 million. The other one was announced just one month ago. This round B funding was valued at $2.1 million. The venture capital inputs also brought Ryan Floyd and Larry Augustin both with extensive experience in IT, internet and Open source as Board Members and Advisors.

Appcelerator has progressed nicely so far and the general opinion is positive. You can read about them and their products here


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