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June 30, 2010

The future is green: the largest investment in a green company and another social network is funded

There is some exciting news about investment in renewal energy , but first an interesting fact. It seems that Elevation Partners, a venture capital firm seem to think that Facebook is worth three times more than last year, a whooping $23 billion dollars, while the ability of the company to make profit is still a question mark although the management says the cash-flow is positive and the revenue of the company is not to be neglected: $800 million.

In a greener environment, we find out that a start-up from San Francisco, which leases rooftop solar arrays to homeowners, SunRun, obtained an equity investment of $55 million dollars. The investment company, which showed this openness to expanding the investment market outside California, is Sequoia Capital and this is the largest investment made in a company of this type. SunRun has a history of getting funding. It previously got $30million dollars from Sequoia Capital and other two venture capital firms. The money seems to be aimed for the expansion of SunRun in three more states altogether with improving software and operational elements.

SunRun isn’t the only one being helped. In addition, this year SunRun’s competitor, Solar City had access to a $60 million financial pool from PG&E Corporation. Apparently, investment firms noticed that the price of solar panel has dropped and they become more affordable hence desired and did not want to miss the opportunity. The possibility that SunRun will become a target for acquisition is not so absurd right now.

It seems environmental friendly industries are gaining popularity. To support this fact, Tesla, the electric car manufacturer has managed a stock market hit so the future might be green after all. There are 287 companies in the VCgate Database that are willing to invest in energy and they are available to you with just one click.

We move from solar panels back to the land of internet and mobile applications. Foursquare the startup that makes mobile app closes a $20 million funding round, which by what Dennis Crowley the CEO said will be used to create the necessary conditions for hiring more people and probably moving to another location.

The Andreessen Horowitz venture fund invested this time in the company although on the first round of funding they refused to do so. That is a sign that Foursquare is going in the right direction. The company has received a $1.4 million funding last year to develop the location based social network, which allows users to go online and post their location. The software has 1.8 million users by now and as some say, it is evolving faster than Twitter at this stage. Foursquare’s plans are to develop independently and expand marketing partnerships with companies like Starbucks and Marc Jacobs although there have been some rumors of acquisition talks with Google and Yahoo.

FourSquare was lucky? No, they just had access to the right investor. You can too. Click here to access the information of 2075 investors who are willing to invest in the same domain.


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