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June 17, 2010

Government Grants Can Raise Capital

Your government may be just the right investor for your company! How can that be? Well, governments and other endowments all over the world can provide you grants if you have a product or service that is beneficial to your government, country, or to society. That’s right, there are all kinds of different grants available for many different sectors.

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What exactly are grants and how do they differ from venture capital? Well, unlike venture capital, grants do not buy your company’s equity and instead of a venture capitalist expecting to collect his profits after making his exit from your business, grants are basically gifts of capital given to worthy businesses. Though not all businesses are eligible for grants, there are more sectors that can make your business eligible for grants than you think.

Though the US Government has a $787 billion grant budget, getting this grant funding from the government can be a challenging and often discouraging process if you don’t know what you are doing. Like seeking venture capital or other funding from investors, grant funding also has its rules and criteria for qualification.

One of the main reasons why businesses who are in sectors that are eligible to receive grants fail to get these grants is because they don’t know where to turn to and how to set up an effective business plan that can help them win this grant. Yes, grant funding can be rather difficult, but you don’t need to be discouraged.

Now, how do you know if your business falls into the sectors that are eligible for grant funding? Well, if you are either in the healthcare, business & commerce, community development, education, energy, agriculture, housing & construction, the legal industry, technology, and the transportation industries, you are eligible for grant funding from the US Government.

Now, how can you get the grant funding successfully? Simple, or maybe not so simple. The process of applying for grant funding, like with applying for venture capital begins with, what else? A good and compelling business plan. You know, however, the business plan that you draw up for grant funding is different from that needed to raise venture funding. Grants are funding that is given to a company as a gift. The government does not invest to seek a profit when giving grants. Instead, it gives grants to companies who have a product or service that can help or benefit both the community or the government itself. So now, what resources are there that can help me win a government grant for my business?

Growthink has an easy to read step-by-step guide that will clearly show you all the steps on how to successfully raise grant funding. Some of the things shown in this book include all the major steps and some of the secrets that some major companies used to win grant funding.

Several things you will learn when you buy the Growthink Step-By-Step Guide of Raising Grant Funding include the four common myths about grants and the real truth about them, the core business sectors that receive grant funding and how to properly poise your company to win those grants, how to find private grants, and much much more.

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