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May 30, 2010

Did You Know That You Too Can Qualify for Venture Capital?

Did you know that you too can qualify for venture capital? That’s right, with the proper preparation and an executive team with the “right stuff,” you can do it! You can get in front of a serious investor who might just see your venture as that perfect opportunity.

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That’s right. With the right preparation and searching, you can get the right investor for you. So how can you find the right investor for yourself? Well, before actually contacting an investor or writing your teaser email, you need to do your homework. What is your homework? Well, it is the creation of your business plan. The business plan is everything that the investor needs to know about your business to determine whether he feels that it is an opportunity or not.

Now, don’t get to excited. You do not want to show your entire business plan right away. Your business plan should have three versions. These three versions are the following:

A. Your Executive Summary is the cover sheet of your business plan and this is a short outline of your business plan. Typically, your executive summary should be a stand-alone document and should not be more than one to three pages. The executive summary should be a small concise description about the basics of your business plan and is should be given to investors who are already interested in your venture and has requested your executive summary. There should be no company secrets or intellectual property on the executive summary. That should be reserved for the master plan.

B. The Slide Presentation is the second form of your business plan. It should have more information about your company than the executive summary, but it should not reveal everything in your master plan or the business plan. This needs to be done in a presentations program, such as Apple Keynote or Microsoft’s Powerpoint. The slide presentation should be no longer than ten slides, and the text should be large enough for the investors and their researchers to view the presentation in a meeting room.

C. The Business Plan is the culmination of all the work you have done. This is the big one. Your complete business plan should contain all your market research, your intellectual property, patents, and also commercial secrets. The key is that when an investor is interested in your venture and is willing to look at your business plan, you should make sure that he signs nondisclosure agreements not to disclose any of the secrets, IP, or patents in your plan to competitors.

Armed with this information, you should go out there and get the funding you need to get your company in the fast track.

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All the best and good luck!



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