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May 25, 2010

Company in Mineral Industry Gets Funding As Investment Firm Begins Tenth Seed Funding Program

Great news for entrepreneurs who are diligent stamina and well thought out business plans can move forward and receive the funding you need for your company. Investors are looking for new opportunities and entrepreneurs are getting funding by these investors at a rapid pace!

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The great news about the funding companies are getting comes on the heals of the news that in the past year the FirstSteps program from First Capital to invest seed funding in worthy entrepreneurs has secured its tenth investment. In a press release that was released by First Capital on May 17, 2010, the investment firm has announced that it has just completed its tenth investment in new revolutionary startups in the tech industry through its FirstSteps seed funding program. Some of the companies that First Mark Capital is investing in are companies who are designing cloud computing, open source software, and ubiquitous broadband penetration are some of the startups that are receiving seed funding.

First Mark Capital has created the FirstSteps program to provide seed funding to companies who are in the above mentioned sectors of the tech industry and have disruptive technologies that can change the entire industry. The FirstSteps program is designed to provide seed funding for these new startups and to give them the needed first funding to get established. Some of the first startups to receive funding from the FirstSteps program include AppFirst, which has received $1 million in seed funding through the program after gaining high awards for its technologies. AppFirst is a startup that has created the first SaaS monitoring program to help the infrastructure of cloud computing companies.

Other venture capital news includes the announcement of Applied Minerals just receiving $1.5 million in funding round. Applied Minerals is a company that mines halloysite clay from the halloysite mine that it owns in Utah. Halloysite clay is an aluminum-laced clay that is used for technical ceramics and in catalytics. The company has secured the conditions to receive $1.5 million in private placements. The funding is intended to further the production goals of Applied Minerals.

The point is quite clear. There is funding out there for you. You just need to look for it and find it. It can be difficult to do it on your own and the two examples above show that funding is indeed there for those who are diligent enough to find it.

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