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May 12, 2010

New Markets Can Be Great Opportunities for Investors and Entrepreneurs!

If you are an investor or entrepreneur, you might want to get into the new emerging markets that are popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. One of the fastest emerging markets that are appearing is the alternative energy market. This market is just getting started and is looking for all kinds of new technologies that are environmentally friendly and more cost effective.

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Some of the latest news in emerging markets include the latest investment. At May 11 Solaria announced today that it has just raised $45 million in funding to excellerate growth. Solaria is one of the world’s largest solar energy companies which develops revolutionary photovoltaic modules. The funding came from some prominent investors, including CMEA Capital and DBL Investors. The main thing that is attracting these investors to Solaria, is that this emerging market is huge and many power and utilities companies are looking to alternatives in generating electricity, including solar and wind power. In fact, solar power is growing in popularity because of its efficiency and how quiet it is. Solar power needs to be generated in mass amounts to be able to power massive neighborhoods. Furthermore, Solaria is starting to gain a steady customer base in North America, Europe, and other markets. There is more good news for those of you who are in the emerging alternative energy and clean-tech markets. For those of you who are entrepreneurs who are in the clean-tech and alternative energy industries, you might even be eligible for government grants. With the growing move in many different nations to go “green,” there are many government grants available for companies who have a promising technology that can provide stable alternative energy sources to help diminish the use of fossil fuels. This includes US entrepreneurs in this industry. This can be proven with today’s announcement of Evolution Solar, which has initiated a grant from the US Department of Energy for $62 million for concentrating solar power. According to this recent press release, the US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu has stated that such investments, as the one given to Evolution Solar, are given only to those companies who are developing revolutionary systems to harness energy, like solar energy to be able to generate affordable energy for large areas. The point is quite clear. There are many different emerging markets ranging from the alternative energy and clean-tech industries to nano-tech and bio-pharma industries that show great promise for ROI and many great opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs alike. There are many different emerging markets for all kinds of different industries out there that the savvy entrepreneur and investor can seize upon.

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Regardless of what industry you are in, there is an opportunity out there for you. You just need to look and take your time and do the research. With a little time and diligent research, you can find the right opportunity for you.

All the best, and good luck!



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