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May 11, 2010

You Too Can Get Funding, If…

Guess what! You too can get funded, if you do the following. See how these following companies got their funding. There are many things that you need to prepare before you can get funding and become a large company. For example, let’s look at the first example. Internet and data infrastructure company, Infineta announced that it has just closed $15 million in series A funding from major investors. Who are these investors and why did they invest in Infineta?

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According to the General Partner of North Bridge Venture Partners, Paul A. Santinelli, Infineta has a technology which is game-changing. Now what does this mean? It means that the technology that Infineta has developed can disrupt the market and is designed to meet the need that many of the IT providers need and eliminates a problem in the industry. In this case the problem is the large volumes of data being communicated throughout the IT infrastructures. See what else Mr. Santinelli has to say. He further stated that there is a growing requirement for data centers and different companies requiring optimum connectivity that can be cost affective. Infineta received funding from North Bridge Venture Partners because it has the technology to meet this need.

Time and time again, entrepreneurs need to meet a certain demand in their industry and to find out what this demand is, research needs to be done. Every industry is different and you also need to find an investor who has expertise in your industry and will be able to know what the demands are in your industry. It is your job, however, to research the markets in your industry and see if your product can meet the demand in the industry. Let’s look at another example of how this works.

On May 4, 2010, Internet Pawn has announced that it has raised $1.5 million in initial equity funding for a revolutionary internet business model. What has attracted investors to Internet Pawn? Well, quite simple, Internet Pawn is the first internet pawnshop in the United States and is a leader in a new market appearing with internet commerce. During difficult financial times, many consumers are facing difficult decisions to make and sometimes it might come to pawning certain items to gain money for everyday expenses. The pawnshop industry is over 3,000 years old and has been a time-tested industry for asset-based loans. Moving this industry to the internet was the way that Internet Pawn raised its funding. The two investors who invested in Internet Pawn, Daylight Partners and Access Ventures. Both investors agreed to the vision of the company’s cofounders, creating an online pawnshop would disrupt the pawn market and the internet market as well.

One of the investors, Jay Campion from Access Ventures, stated that he was intrigued with the idea of Internet Pawn and its loan policy has a lending policy that is interest free for six months and makes it highly competitive with the typical pawnshops that are in brick and mortar.

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These are great examples of how entrepreneurs have presented their ideas and found funding to turn them into reality. There is an investor for almost every industry, you just need to look. It will take some time, but VCgate will help you find the right investor for you with its easy-to-use database, which lets you contact the investor directly from the interface. You can email each investor or several investors at a time with the single click of the mouse. Remember, when contacting an investor cold, whether through VCgate or not, make sure that your teaser email is convincing to get the investor’s attention. You can do it.

All the best and good luck!



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