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May 6, 2010

Investors Need Opportunities from You!

Boy, do I have some great news for you! Even if you are not in the tech industry or in the healthcare industry, you can still have great chances to raise funding! The truth is that there are many new opportunities out there that investors are looking for and your company could just be it.There are all kinds of new industries available for investment opportunities.

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One great example about why the future looks bright for entrepreneurs is that just recently, on May 5, there was a conference for developers and entrepreneurs. This conference was spearheaded by some of the major global financial institutions, such as Paypal and others. This conference was great for those of you who are developing a new product, such as new software, new devices, new medicines, or new ways to have recreation. This conference was about peer funding, which is basically where entrepreneurs got together and you could get ideas on how other entrepreneurs got financing to realize their ideas, and more.

Speakers at the conference included the following speakers: Nathan Beckard of Venture Archetypes, Lewis Gersh from Metamorphic Ventures, and others. This conference is not the only good news for entrepreneurs.

Clean-tech or clean energy is also another industry that is being heavily funded today with many communities and corporations are looking to find cleaner forms of energy and are becoming more environmentally conscious. This provides the clean energy and clean-tech markets prime for the investors to find the opportunities that they are looking for. Today’s article from Associated Press has announced that there is quite a bit of venture capital available for entrepreneurs in the clean energy industry. In the first quarter of this year, the article goes on to state that already over $733 million in venture capital has been invested in entrepreneurs who are in the clean energy industry and are developing new sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. This means that if you are developing solar energy devices or powerful wind generators, etc., there might just be that vital funding for you.

College students are also hopping onto the entrepreneurial bandwagon with DormNoise receiving $500,000 in series A funding. This is an entrepreneur of the true sort and a shining example of how you can also make your ideas fly. The founder and CEO of DormNoise, Jay Rodrigues is only 21 years old and was already able to raise $500,000 in series A funding from DN Ventures LLC, and PRESENT e-Learning Systems, Inc. Before securing this funding round, Mr. Rodrigues has also raised $450,000 from family and friends. His idea was sparked from the hectic dorm and college life by creating a complete collegiate calendar system that can seamlessly coordinate every aspect of college life from classes, social functions, personal affairs, etc. This program also lets you to sync your calendar together with campus calendars, not just to your computer, but also to your smartphone. Though young, the future looks bright for Rodrigues and you can also have the same bright future if you put your mind to it and give it all you got.

The point is that the conditions are great for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their businesses and there are many opportunities that investors are waiting for to invest in. All entrepreneurial societies are looking very optimistic and all believe that the ambitious entrepreneur can raise capital. You need to be firm and steadfast. Keep upbeat and make sure that you have a business plan that can show for itself.

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Remember that if you have that entrepreneurial fire, you can do it. Have a business plan ready and use the resources at VCgate to get the funding you need.

All the best and good luck!



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