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May 4, 2010

The Tech Industry Groomed for Investments!

If you are an entrepreneur in the tech industry and are looking for funding, you might be in luck! Fresh from all the latest business news, Google announced on May 3, 2010 that they are planning to expand their vc staff and are looking for more opportunities to invest in new technical ventures. The point is that the tech industry is ever evolving and tech companies are looking for new technologies to invest in to keep up with the market. Google is no exception.

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Google’s VC arm is investing very actively lately, by investing in eight tech startups last year and in two new ones this year. There is one hitch, however. Google is a typical strategic corporate investor and will invest only in those startups that serve the interest of Google and that means that you may have to eventually sell your company to Google. You might not want to do that, but on the other hand if you choose an investment from Google and they buy your startup, you can generate a large enough profit to be able to begin another startup.

If you are not in the tech industry, don’t worry! There is some funding for you also. Other industries are doing just as well as the tech industry when it comes to closing investments. Other industries doing well today are the biotech and medical industries with many companies in the biotech and medical industries closing investments or projected to close investments in this week. Some of these include Stratatech, which closed a $3 million in funding round to advance a clinical trial of a living substitute skin graft. Stratigraft has already been approved by the FDA in the US and is ready to undergo Phase IIb in clinical testing.

InTouch Health is another company in the medical industry that has received funding. The leader in tele-medicine has won a whopping $10 million funding round from Invest Michigan! Growth Capital Fund to continue to finance the revolutionary telemedicine technologies that InTouch Health is developing. InTouch Health is already one of the largest leaders of the telemedicine industry, allowing physicians to perform real-time consultants with their in hospital patients and communicate with both their patients in the hospital and the attending physicians and nursing staff. These systems use multimedia technology for physicians to view the vital data of their patients for their consultations.

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Remember, almost any industry is prime for investments if you find the right investor. The intelligent investor will always invest when times seem tough. Remember what Warren Buffet said. “When people get greedy, I get scared, when people get scared, I get greedy.” This means that when most people are tight with their money, that’s the time to invest and smart investors will seize any opportunity that they believe will yield a high ROI, so go for it. You can do it!

All the best and good luck!



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