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April 30, 2010

Venture Capital Abounds for Green Tech

Good news for those seeking venture capital and other investments; especially for those within the growing green technology market. Representatives from two major venture capital firms have recently commented on their increasing interest in the field. Additionally, there was the recent announcement of a new $400 million venture capital fund that is seeking to play a large role in advancing fledgling companies within the green information-technology and energy industry.

Steve Jurvetson and tech-titan Vinod Khosla recently spoke about the state of green technologies and the potential of the market to grow to a multi-trillion dollar industrial juggernaut. Jurvetson, of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, announced that his firm was close to closing a $400 million fund, of which up to $160 million would go towards green technologies. With a proven track record, including investments with Telsa Motors and as a founding venture capital investor of Hotmail, Jurvetson will play a major part in the advancement of innumerable small businesses and newbie startups.

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Vinod Khosla, of venture capital firm Khosla Ventures, echoed Jurvetson’s sentiment by supporting the notion that green technology is primed to one day be a major factor in our revolutionizing society. Khosla is a very well respected technology and investment guru and has repeatedly proven his worth, especially as cofounder of Sun Microsystems. While making a recent appearance at a green technology conference, Khosla discussed his past futile attempts to build interest in the relatively niche market. Unlike prior periods in the venture capital’s history, with today’s rising price of energy, green technology is primed to take off.

Jurvetson is focusing his investment efforts on businesses with technologies that work to reduce the energy consumption of computers, servers and various other electronic devices. Already, his company has made investment stakes within Power Assure Inc., SeaMicro and Scientific Conservation Inc., all companies already pursuing increased energy efficiencies. Unlike Jurvetson, Khosla is focusing his efforts on promoting and advancing green businesses that are responsible for producing cleaner sources of energy. Khosla, who was recently named number one in Forbes’ “10 Greenest Billionaires”, has made past investments in bio-fuels and solar power companies, such as Ausra.

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