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April 28, 2010

Marketing Job Can Help Win Over Investors

Many entrepreneurs have discovered that the tactics needed to win over that crucial investor to fund your company are the same kind of marketing tactics that are used to market your product. That’s right. Marketing is everything in business. It does play an important part in successfully convincing the public to purchase your product and to convert your competitor’s customers to buy your product.

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Do you have enough marketing skills to win over the investors and convince them that your company is the right opportunity for them? If not, maybe you should take an entry level marketing job, be it a telemarketing job or a job that involves other kinds of marketing. The telemarketing industry is always hiring people because of the fact that this job is not cut out for everyone. Most of the major telemarketing firms in the United States have both inbound and outbound calls. Inbound calls are when customers are calling into a calling center. With inbound call, the telemarketer is supposed to market a particular product or service. Outbound calls are when a computer calls people on a calling list and you need to explain to the customer why they should buy a particular product or service. Why is this job not cut out for everyone? Simple, telemarketing companies are aimed to the mainstream society and mainstream society can be like a box of chocolates. You never know who you will be talking to. Some will buy the product and others will curse you out.

With that said, how can a telemarketing job help you win over an investor? It’s a great opportunity to learn the skills you need to speak with people and convince them into buying a product, just like you will have to convince an investor that your venture is the perfect opportunity for them. So what skills are in common with telemarketing or winning over an investor. It’s plain and simple — marketing. Marketing is everything and there are several things that you need to do.

  1. Building rapport. Building rapport is the most important thing in any kind of marketing, including both telemarketing and winning over that crucial investor. So how do you build rapport? Rapport is getting the customer and later the investor to like you. You want to have a good relationship with the person that you are selling the product to. For example, a good greeting when someone is calling you to verify his or her credit card would be:

    “Hello and thank you for calling the X Credit Card Verification Center. How are you doing this wonderful afternoon?” Something like that.

    Engage the customer and start by talking about the weather or some other common innate topic. Avoid politics or religion. This gets the customer to trust you. The same thing is the case when you are first meeting with the investor. Get into a simple conversation with him and get him to like you. Let the investor get to know you, like you are getting the customer to know you.

  2. Confidence. Confidence is very important. Be confident in the product you are selling. Prove to the customer that the product or service you are selling to him is in his or her interest. For example, some credit card companies sell a service to protect against identity theft and you want to convince the person who is verifying his or her card should buy this program because it is in his or her best interest. The same thing is the case when you introduce your venture to the investor. Explain to your investor that your venture can be a great opportunity for him and get him interested in your venture.
  3. Conversion. Finally, convert the customer to your product. Conversion means that you have actually made the sale and the customer agrees to the terms and the conditions of the offer and you got him or her to buy the product or service. Likewise, convert the investor. Get him so interested in your venture that he will want to see more than just your executive summary. That’s all there is to it.

    Having a marketing job can be a big help in giving you the skills you need to sell your venture to an investor and get the funding you need for your startup. Furthermore, most marketing companies do offer a base pay which you can use to build seed capital that you can use to do all the market research and other preliminary operations to show the investor that you have something to show for.

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All the best and good luck!



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