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April 22, 2010

Vast Array of Businesses Get New Funding

In recent news, there have been a number of stories where companies are receiving large injections of venture capital. The affected industries are numerous and include the alternative energy, biomedical and technology-based advertising markets. Solar energy company Amonix raised $130 million dollars, biomedical company Knome received $5 million and technology company Simulmedia got $8 million.

First up is the news from Southern California’s Torrance-based Amonix. In the company’s latest round of funding, they received $129.4 million dollars, primarily from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, although there were a number of other investors. Amonix’s main focus is on the concentrating photovoltaic, or CPV, solar power system. CPV systems include standard solar panels which through a series of tailored lens focus the sun rays on highly efficient solar cells, thus producing more cost effective solar energy. This is the second major funding round for Amonix; the first one took place in November of 2009 and raised $40 million from Lazard Freres and Company.

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Also in the news is a new joint effort between Marcy L’Etoile, France-based BioMérieux and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Knome. The new venture is intended to create in vitro diagnostics through genome sequencing that can screen for infectious diseases and cancers. In addition to the venture, BioMérieux announced that it is making a $5 million equity investment in its new business partner. Included in the new arrangement is an agreement to allow Knome access to BioMérieux’s intellectual property and give BioMérieux exclusive use of any new diagnostics that emerge from the partnership.

Lastly is the news from Simulmedia, the technology focused company, that raised $8 million in its Series B round of financing. The lead investor in the New York City-based Simulmedia was Time Warner Investments, along with past investors Avalon Ventures and Union Square Ventures. The company will use the new capital, along with $4 million raised in a prior funding round, to advance its new marketing system. Simulmedia’s technology increases television show audiences by tailoring commercials to particular audiences.

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