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October 6, 2009

Private Investor Invests $1 Million in Seed Funding for ZoomSafer

Filed under: Venture Capital News — admin @ 5:56 am

Based in Reston, Virginia, an innovative leading driving distraction prevention solutions developer, ZoomSafer announced today that it has closed $1 million in seed funding from a private investor. Proceeds from the funding will go to launch new services for drivers who use the Blackberry RIM mobile devices.

One of the most dangerous hazards on America’s roads are distracted drivers. Seeing people on the phone, texting, or playing with other mobile devices, while driving to work is becoming commonplace. Furthermore, distracted drivers can annoy other drivers, because distracted drivers tend to drive slower than everyone else or vier into the neighboring lane. Other distracted drivers can also stand at an intersection even after the traffic light turns green, because she is busy talking on the phone. According to, distracted driving is becoming a hazard that is equal to, if not greater than intoxicated driving. The site further states that distracted driving is a behavioral problem that needs more than laws and education to address it. The article further states that ZoomSafer is providing innovative solutions to address this growing problem.

According to ZoomSafer’s CEO, Mike Riemer; distracted driving is a complex behavioral problem that is primarily caused by the constant development of mobile technology. Furthermore, most of municipal and state laws that punish distracted driving do not seem to have an effect on the public who is increasingly being dependent on modern wireless technology to communicate. This proves that people need more solutions to correct their driving habits besides strict laws. ZoomSafer has developed a whole array of contextual solutions that make people drive more focused. Mr. Riemer further added that the proceeds from this round of funding will allow the company to continue its quest in researching and developing solutions for safer driving.

Some of the products that ZoomSafer offers include its free Zoom Free, which is a program that is installed in your cellphone and automatically detects when you are driving and will lock the keypad on your phone, preventing you from making calls or sending text messages while you are driving. This program even goes so far as letting a driver’s friends know by either SMS, Twitter, or Facebook that the person is on the road. Other services include the ZoomMate, ZoomMail, and ZoomBiz; which are all pay services.

The CEO of Safe Kids, Mitch Stoller stated that he has been testing ZoomSafer for several weeks and he believes that this is a great solution to distracted driving. Mr. Stoller further added that the service that ZoomSafer has changed his perspective as a driver, furthermore, the company’s solutions automatically detect when he gets into the car. Mr. Stoller stated that this technology truly made him a safer driver.

ZoomSafer first launched its beta test version for Blackberry smart phones in September 1, 2009, and plans to have this program go into the second phase of beta testing, which will be more enhanced than the program in the first phase. The second phase of beta testing will launch in October 20, 2009.

For more information about ZoomSafer, click here.


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