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September 30, 2009

Investor, First Advantage Leads $2 Million Strategic Investment in EnticeLabs

Filed under: Venture Capital News — admin @ 2:04 am

Based in Provo, Utah, one of the United States’ leading online advertising recruitment companies, EnticeLabs, announced today that it has closed a strategic round of funding which was led by First Advantage. Other investors who participated in this round of funding include the original founders and investors of the company. Other investors also include the founders of Omniture. As part of the agreement of this funding round, Mr. Neal Bruce, First Advantage’s Senior Vice President of Product Management will join EnticeLabs’ board of directors.

Founded in 2007, EnticeLabs is a pioneer in developing products for online advertising and recruiting. The company was originally backed by funding from the founder of Omniture. Furthermore, the management team of EnticeLabs is one of the most top-notched teams in the industry. EnticeLabs’ success is credited to its flagship product, TalentSeekr, which is a platform that is an automated one-stop program that is disrupting the recruiting and talent seeking industry. TalentSeekr uses targeted ads and cutting edge artificial intelligence to recruit and find talented individuals who are either actively or passively looking for jobs in the websites and social networks where they spend most of their time online.

Proceeds from this round of funding will go to advance the marketing efforts and technological innovations at EnticeLabs.

According to Neal Bruce, the people at First Advantage are very impressed with EnticeLabs’ innovative technology and ability to recruit talented individuals and the headway the company is making in the HR industry. Mr. Bruce further added that EnticeLabs is definitely changing the online recruiting industry with its flagship product, TalentSeekr. The key to EnticeLabs’ success is that the management of the company understand the needs of their clients and know how to develop technology and methods to meet those needs.

According to EnticeLabs’ CEO, Ryan Caldwell; The management team is very happy to have such a strong supporter, such as First Advantage. The fact that First Advantage is investing in EnticeLabs is living proof that the successes that the company has had and the quality of the company’s product and service to its clients is validated. Mr. Caldwell further stated that he is looking forward to the expansion opportunities that the investment from First Advantage will afford the company.

First Advantage is an employer recruitment company that has a suite of tools that employers can use to recruit productive and talented employees by reducing time, cost, and risk. First Advantage does not only seek and recruit employees for companies, but also tracks the applicants who apply through their service.

Omniture is an online marketing service that helps improve its customers with their marketing ROI. The product that Omniture offers is the Omniture Online Marketing Suite. This suite can optimize your website’s usability, improve your marketing ROI, and more.

For more information about EnticeLabs, click here.


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