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September 28, 2009

Adimos Takes the Wiring Out of Your Home Entertainment System

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 5:17 am

Wireless technology is not new. At the beginning of the 20th Century, wireless technology began with the advent of radio and later television. Furthermore, toward the end of the 20th Century, wireless technology came to the phone industry and by the late 1980s almost everyone already had a cordless phone. Through the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st Century, however, wireless technology has taken new bounds with WiFi, Bluetooth, and other signals. Adimos is just another example of how far has come in this century.

Adimos is not just another wireless company, but a wireless company that makes wireless transmitters and receivers that will connect just about anything, from video and audio equipment to your television set. Adimos even has technologies that lets you connect your iPod wirelessly to your home entertainment system.

If you browse over the Adimos company website, you can see all the types of applications that Adimos technology can apply. You can look at the company’s applications overview and see exactly Adimos offers. You can buy different devices that can even connect your computer and its peripherals to your TVs or other electronic equipment.

One of the unique applications that Adimos offers is the ability to connect your plasma screen TV with a digital media player, such as a DVD player or a DVR wirelessly. The way this works is that Adimos creates top boxes, which you can set throughout your home and some of these boxes will transmit a wireless signal, whereas others will pick up the signal. The receivers are wired to your TV and the transmitters are wired to your different video players.

Another innovative application that Adimos offers is a many to many wireless connection. This is a special wireless system that is designed to connect multiple devices that make up a home entertainment system. This setup allows you to connect all kinds of components to an entertainment system, such as your radio tuner, DVD players, DVR, satellite tuners, and different audio players. These devices can be wirelessly connected to your plasma screen TV and to speakers positioned throughout your house. The way this application works is that the different components of the entertainment system are wired to a small transmitter that transmits the wireless signal to a wireless hub, which is both a receiver and a transmitter. The wireless hub picks up the signal from the individual devices and then transmits it to either the television or speakers. What is the most amazing thing about this system is that you can even connect your different components of the wireless system to more than one TV set.

You can set up multiple video devices and even stream multiple video streams to different TV sets throughout your home, using the Adimos Set Top Box.

This does not stop there. Adimos, believe it or not, even has devices that allow you to connect your portable music player, such as your iPod, MP3 player, or other devices. This is a device that has a dock that your iPod can dock into. The dock has a wireless transmitter that can transmit the wireless signal to a receiver that is wired to your TV set.

Adimos also has devices that can connect any older device that was never designed to be a wireless device. Using the Adimos pair box, you can connect VCRs, DVD players, and other units to older TV sets and have them connected wirelessly. The way the pair box works is that one box is a transmitter, which is wired to your video source and the other is the receiver, which is connected to your TV set.

Adimos was founded by both Eran Igler and Dr. Michael Genossar, who are currently still working with the company.

Eran Igler, besides being the cofounder of Adimos, is also the company’s CTO. Mr. Igler has a great deal of experience in leading high-tech communications projects. Before founding Adimos, Mr. Igler worked for several technology and wireless companies, which include Floware Wireless Systems and Alvarion. When Mr. Igler worked for those companies, he was in charge of chip and development, which include HW and SW technologies. Mr. Igler graduated from the Technion Technology Institute with a BS in Electronic Engineering and then went on to graduate from the University of Tel Aviv with an MBA cum laude.

Dr. Genossar also works at Adimos as the company’s chief scientist. Dr. Genossar also has deep experience in the tech industry. His experiences include 20 years of research and development and led different technological groups who were involved in wireless signal processing, modem design, and wireless systems. Before founding Adimos together with Mr. Igler, he was in charge of the modem development group at Floware. He later went up the corporate latter at Floware, by becoming the company’s CTO in 1999. After holding that position, Floware merged with Breezecom, Dr. Genossar became the CTO of Alveron. Dr. Genossar graduated from the Technion Technology Institute in Israel with a BS summa cum laude in Computer Engineering. He then went on to graduate from Stanford University with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Other achievements that Dr. Genossar has on his belt include winning the Philip Merlin Award and a Fulbright grant.

Adimos’s investors include JVP, Benchmark Capital, Gemini Israel Funds, and Genisis Campus; which invested $12 million in series A funding in August 3, 2009.

Founded in 1995, Benchmark Capital is a vc firm that is devoted to helping entrepreneurs build major companies in the tech industry and are in for long term growth. Currently Benchmark Capital has over $2.3 billion in committed capital and the vc firm believes in taking a labor intensive team approach when investing in a company. Other companies in Benchmark’s include,, AOL, LogoWorks, ebags, eBay, Ofoto, Open Table, and others.

Gemini Israel Funds is one of Israel’s top vc firms that is dedicated to helping startup companies get their feet on the ground. The people at Gemini believe in helping talented entrepreneurs build successful companies in the tech industry. Some other companies in Gemini’s portfolio include Contextream, Massive Impact, Schema, Outsmart, and others.

JVP is a large international vc firm that primarily invests in early stage companies who are in the enterprise software, communications, communications, and mobile infrastructure industries. JVP currently has over $670 million under its management and has offices in New York, London, and Jerusalem. Some other companies in JVP’s portfolio include Allot Communications, Altair Semiconductors, CyOptics, Double Fusion, Infinite Memories, and others.

The Genesis Campus is a vc firm that takes a personalized approach to investing in early stage companies. The Genesis Campus likes to invest in entrepreneurs who are energetic and have both a vision and experience. Furthermore, entrepreneurs who are candidates for an investment from Genesis must have the desire to change the industry they are in. The Genesis Campus is different from other vc firms because unlike other vc firms, the Genesis Campus is made up of entrepreneurs itself and understands the stresses that entrepreneurs go through when they start up their own business. Other companies in Genesis’s portfolio include Arrowping, Inner Wireless, NA Solutions, 10C Technologies, and others.

Adimos is a privately owned company that is based in Mountain View, California. Currently there are no major competitors that provide a serious threat to Adimos.

For more information about Adimos, click here.


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