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September 23, 2009

Computers Can Crash, but Nomadesk Can Save the Day

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 5:14 am

Many of you probably have had a computer that crashed. The likelihood of Windows is phenomenal, but Macs can also crash from time to time. Computer crashes can happen to any computer user, whether a PC or a Mac user. In some cases computers can crash severely and you can loose everything that is on your hard drive. Been there, done that? You probably have. Well the internet, believe it or not, can be a great tool to save a backup of all your files to a remote server. This is exactly the service that Nomadesk offers. Though there are other companies which offer similar services, Nomadesk claims to offer one of the most user friendly and secure file backup and sharing network.

In order to use Nomadesk, you have to download its special software. Nomadesk has a new software for you to download and is currently in beta testing. The software is free of charge, but the service that Nomadesk provides does have a cost. Nomadesk has a software version for both Windows and Mac Leopard. Nomadesk offers two services with different fees. The first service package that Nomadesk offers is the Team File Server, and the Personal File Server.

The Team File Server costs $15 per month and is oriented more to the business community. This service package would bill out yearly to $180 per year. Some of the features in the Team File Server package are synchronization for an unlimited number of PCs, allows for file sharing for an unlimited number of guests, secure storage, secure file server backup, email2 folder, has both free live chat and phone support, file link, and theft guard protection.

The Personal File Server package is much cheaper, costing only $50 per year. This service is much more modest than the Team File Server. This particular service package offers only synchronization to five PCs, no file sharing capabilities, secure file storage, secure file backup, no email2 folder, file link, free live chat and phone support, and theft guard protection.

On the Nomadesk site, there are many testimonials posted by small business owners, who use the Nomadesk software and services. The testimonials are on the whole positive. Many small businesses like the Nomadesk software and service, because it allows their management to share files from anywhere on the globe. People can store files on the Nomadesk File Server and be assured that these files are not only secure due to technical glitches, but from theft as well.

This service is especially good for freelancers. Freelancers are always on the go and Nomadesk allows them to access files from any computer and save files from any computer and access those files from other computers.

Nomadesk was founded by three people. These people are Philip Tack, Peter Geldhof, and Miguel De Buf.

Besides being one of the cofounders, Mr. Tack also works at the company as its CEO. Nomadesk was founded in 2004, and before coming to Nomadesk, Mr. Tack held some key positions in some major telecom companies. Mr. Tack also has experience in the IT industry. Mr. Tack graduated from Ghent University with both a BS and an MS in Bioscience. He then went on to receive his MBA from Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School.

Another cofounder of Nomadesk is Peter Geldhof. Besides being one of the three cofounders of Nomadesk, Mr. Geldhof is also working at the company as its COO. Mr. Geldhof has deep experience in IT service management and in other areas of communications, including quality assurance. Mr. Geldhof also graduated from Ghent University with a Bachelor’s Degree. Mr. Geldhof is an IT specialist and clearly understands the value of IT products.

The third cofounder of Nomadesk is Miguel De Buf. Mr. De Buf also works at the company as its CTO and has deep experience with project management and IT service management. Mr. De Buf’s experience is very crucial to Nomadesk, because his area of expertise is client-server application design and development. Mr. De Buf also graduated from the University of Ghent with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology.

Nomadesk’s investors include the three cofounders, Business Angels, IWT, and Participatiefonds; which invested $450,000 in seed funding in August of 2005, and then were joined by GIMV for a $4.5 million investment in series A funding.

Founded in 1992, Business Angels was founded to match successful entrepreneurs with angel investors who have both the money and the expertise to make a business successful. Business Angels is not necessarily a vc firm, but connects angel investors with small to medium businesses. The people at Business Angels believe that small business and business ventures are key to a healthy economy.

Based in the Netherlands, Participatiefonds is a federal financial institution of the Netherlands that finances self-employed professionals.

GIMV is an independent investment company that is located in Belgium. GIMV primarily deals in both venture capital and private equity and primarily invests in European companies. GIMV is on the Euronext list in Brussels. The investment company searches for active participation and an enterprise environment.

Although there are some different companies that are similar to or provide slightly similar services to Nomadesk, the company does not have any noteworthy competition as of yet.

For more information about Nomadesk, click here.


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