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September 21, 2009

BidRodeo, Online Penny Auctions That Offer Five Free Auctions to New Users

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About 15 years ago, a new dynamic way of obtaining information was born. First called the information super highway, now more popularly known as the internet, this information super highway has not just become a new means to get information about practically anything, but has become a new marketplace as well. Over the past years, many different businesses have come onto the internet and people have been buying things on the internet. Another thing that has come on the internet are internet auctions, pioneered by eBay, which has become the largest internet auction. However, since eBay, many other internet auctions of all different kinds have also appeared on the internet. BidRodea is one of the many internet auctions that has appeared on the internet since eBay.

BidRodeo was first thought of in August of 2008 by people who enjoy the internet, and then it was launched by AMPP LLC in the spring of 2009, BidRodeo is one of the newest auctions to appear on the internet. BidRodeo is different from eBay, in that it is a penny auctions, so bids can be as low as 70 cents. In order to use BidRodeo, you must first sign in. The signing in process is quick and easy, unlike some other online subscription sites. First, you need to type in a username, which has to be three to thirteen regular characters, such as letters on your keyboard, with the exception of the “@” character. Then you need to type in and confirm a password, and your email address. You also have the option to type in a coupon code, if you have one. To finish up the process, you need to decipher letters and numbers in a coded image. Once you have done all that, you are in and you need to wait for a confirmation email to come into your email account.

Once you have signed up onto the auction, you will notice as a new member, that BidRodeo offers five free auctions to new users. Unlike, eBay, however, to be able to bid on something on BidRodeo, you have to buy bids. There are several bid packages that you can choose from. The premium package that BidRodeo offers is known as the “Grand Bargain,” and this bid package costs $140 and gives you a total of 200 bids on the site. The next package is the Mega Deal package, which costs $72 and offers 100 bids. The bidding package below that one is the Special package, which costs $37 and offers 50 bids. The bidding package below the Special is the Value package, which costs $16 and offers 20 bids on the auction. The lowest and cheapest package offered by BidRodeo is the Basic package, which costs $10 and offers ten bids on the auction. You get a coupon code that allows you to get ten free extra bids upon the purchase of your first bid package. Bidrodeo also offers rookie auctions for those people who never won an auction.

To win the 10 extra bids in the auction, you must type in the coupon code when you buy a bid package.

BidRodeo is owned by AMPP LLC and its investors are not disclosed to the general public. The two people who are in charge of AMPP LLC include Weronika Cybulska and Chrystian Cybulski.

Mrs. Cybulska was born in Poland and when coming to America, she originally had a career in the jewelry industry where she was a product development specialist. Later on she decided to change her career plans and decided to go into internet marketing. Since the conception of BidRodeo in 2008, Mrs. Cybulska had been on board and worked diligently on concentrating on usability, operation, and on marketing the site online. One of Mrs. Cybulska’s personal hobbies is world travel and has traveled extensively throughout the world; including riding camels in India, swimming with sting rays in Belize, and fishing for trout in Mongolia. Mrs. Cyburska also traveled throughout Asia and Europe by rail, car, and bus; and enjoys the local culture of every country she visits. Mrs. Cybulska received her Masters in Business Administration from the Warsaw School of Economics in 2007.

Mr. Cybulski is also an avid world traveler and that is how he met Weronika Cybulska. At AMPP LLC, Mr. Cybulski is in charge of building all the websites. Mr. Cybulski has always been interested in computers and the internet ever since the <blink> tag was in fashion. Mr. Cybulski is also experienced in computer animation, graphic design, and web design. Later on, Mr. Cybulski began more serious work in the computer industry, such as designing applications for desktop computers and the internet. Before Mr. Cybulski started to work on BidRodeo, he worked at Blue Tie, Inc. since 2001. He started his travels around the world in 2005.

Though, BidRodeo is a new website from AMPP LLC, it does have some competition. BidRodeo’s major competitor is Swoopo, which was originally known as Telebid. Swoopo is also an online auction of the same type and style as that of BidRodeo. Swoopo offers low bids, but the only difference is that Swoopo has an international market. Swoopo was first launched in the United Kingdom in 2007 and then by 2008, it was launched in Spain, the United States, and Austria. Swoopo’s investors include Wellington Partners, who invested in the company in series A funding and August Capital, who invested in Swoopo for series B funding.

For more information about BidRodeo, click here.


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